Are your survival skills lacking? It could be your Base Chakra


The base chakra, your first energy centre, is concerned with your physical survival. The goal in terms of this chakra is to establish and maintain a sense of stability in your life. This is important because the base chakra, as the name implies, forms the foundation for the other six chakras in your chakra system.

In terms of physical survival, your base chakra is responsible for ensuring you have sufficient food, water, shelter, money and other basic means of survival. A health natural self-preservation instinct results in cleanliness, self-care, good nutrition, regular exercise, and a love of life. In a more spiritual sense, the base chakra helps you to feel grounded, supported and connected. You will experience trust in the natural abundance of life. This grounding and connection to Mother Earth explains why the base chakra is also known as the root chakra. An unbalanced root chakra will cause problems and issues in all these areas.

If you have a deficiency or lack in your base chakra, you will have a weakness or display avoidance with regards to these survival issues. On a spiritual level, you might experience a lack of connection with your body. This will lead to fearful or anxious tendencies dominating your life. It is common to experience feelings of disconnection, or not being present. Other emotions might include anxiety, restlessness, and fear. It’s no wonder that people who have a deficient base chakra feel constantly stressed.

A disconnection with your body will cause you to ‘live in your head’. This, together with symptoms such as anxiety, will leave your mind feeling scattered. As such, if you are chronically disorganised or unfocused, then this might also indicate a deficient base chakra. Failing to complete things and not making commitments are some of the symptoms that might be causing you to let other people down. Other people might describe you as living in a fantasy or dream world.

A lack in the base chakra will also mean that you have trouble ‘supporting yourself’. You don’t believe that you can take care of yourself, and seek to be nurtured. This could mean that you in turn experience poor discipline and financial struggles. Because you don’t feel that you can control or change your situation, you feel needy. People who have a deficient base chakra typically see themselves as the victim, blaming others for the things that happen in their lives. If this is you, you probably suffer from low self-confidence, a poor self esteem, and generally feel unlovable. These symptoms are intertwined with a lack of will to live.

In terms of physical symptoms, you are more likely to be underweight. Being thin is associated with your withdrawal, just as under eating is linked to your lack of energy or vitality. You probably find yourself avoiding physical commitment. However, because you are essentially disconnected from your body, you are more than likely not even aware of the physical symptoms that you are experiencing.

There are many ways to balance a deficient base chakra, including yoga, meditation, and introducing the colour red into your home, wardrobe and diet.

Below, Patty speaks to Samantha Nolan-Smith in this segment of their chakra-chat.


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