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“A true WRITER never has a vacation. For the WRITER life consists of either WRITING or contemplating WRITING.”

These words were penned by an amazing playwright Eugene Ionesco and are music to my hearts ears.

Whenever I take a holiday break from my work life, many often ask me…

“Why are you still WRITING?”

I find my desire to WRITE increases not decreases when I have more free time. Let me share one of my holiday entries with you below to help explain what I mean…

As I sit propped up in this glamorous hotel’s bathtub at 4.16am my heart pounds with delight as I’m about to WRITE about one of my most favourite things … WRITING!

At around 3am, I rolled over in the mammoth hotel kingsized bed to snuggle my husband only to find him propped up on his pillows reading his latest book on his iPad.

Ahhhh… The great luxury of being on holidays, you can do what you want when you want because you can always take a Nanna nap on the beach later in the day.

The soft light of his screen and the warmth of his muscular back was so comforting. As I laid silently behind him, I thought about the miracle of technology today. Then I thought how much I love my little attachable keyboard on my iPad that makes it like a mini typewriter.

I got my first plastic typewriter for my 13th birthday. It was my most favourite childhood gift ever. It was love at first sight, orange plastic, does it get any better?

Then I closed my eyes in gratitude for the gift WRITING has blessed my heart with. It’s honestly saved my life.

Like a musician is always sensitive to the tune of the tinkling rain, an artist always amazed by colour, shade and texture, a WRITERS love affair is with the awesome power of WRITTEN and spoken words.

They are like pure treasure.

Whenever the world feels all wrong, or I feel wrong in my own skin, in order to right myself, I WRITE.

Words written by my favourite authors become a sacred portal I enter internally transporting me to a hospital for my wounded heart, they are medicinal, healing and truly miraculous for me.

Wise words written from the heart don’t just work sometimes when I’m fragile, they work every-time for me.

It’s a spiritual experience.

I WRITE and read for love, not money nor approval.

I also have found much to my amazement, when I WROTE my first book in 2000 “A Helping Hand” (it hit the top 10 bestsellers list in downtown Bris Vegas) … that it becomes an extra cherry on top for a WRITER if their ramblings are enjoyed by others.

It’s not necessary because we’ll WRITE to help our hearts stay on the right track regardless of if anyone else approves or not.

But it’s just wonderful to help yourself and help others in doing so at the same time, it’s the ultimate win, win.

Before I publicly WRITE on my IPad each morning (which is like the spiritual dessert on my hearts morning meal), I first pray to Mother Nature and Father Time my hearts true parents.

Since I was a four year old child surviving violence and trauma, The Great Out Doors became my hearts G.O.D.

G stands for Great,
O is for Out and …
D is for Doors.

I pray for a safe and sober day as a recovering addict every single morning. I haven’t missed a morning since October 12, 1995. Then I meditate and plug my heart into this universal loving source, and … Then I hand WRITE in my private beloved journal, followed by a public heart share on two websites balancebydeborahutton.com.au, http://www.cynthiamorton.com and then with my Facebook family.

So prayer (it’s said) is when we talk to G.O.D. (our masculine energy gets to wake up and have spiritual stretch).

Meditation is described as listening to G.O.D.’S peace (our feminine energy gets to quietly awaken and hold hands with our masculine = our yin and yang become energetically balanced).

After that ritual of self care WRITING for me, just allows my heart to have fun and romp around playing, like a child or pet climbing onto the bed. It’s just an extra bit of loveliness to kick off the heart before the day starts.

When your an addict in recovery like me we don’t get a day off from emotional self care.

This involves finding at least one daily activity that delights our heart and keeps us massaging love and minimising fear.

Addiction feeds on fear, however it remains in remission as long as we plug into love daily for it’s the most powerfully reliable emotional chemotherapy.

For some of us in recovery to keep our heart emotionally fit and connected it’s a morning run or swim … for me WRITING keeps my heart on the right track.

I’m a spiritual athlete.

So today’s Word Vitamin simply asks…

What activity delights your heart?

And –

What gifts of self care can you rely on yourself to give your heart each day?

We put away for our financial superannuation. To remain emotionally fit as we mature, it’s essential we also invest in our emotional superannuation wisely too.

“I WRITE, for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t I would die,” shares another famous WRITER Isaac Asimov.

He’s not being dramatic, he’s being brutally honest.

When I met Mr. Delicious he’d never dated a WRITER before.

I explained very clearly to him that each morning it’s a part of my recovery survival ritual and if he was signing up for a relationship with me he’d have to be cool with my time alone to WRITE.

It underWRITES my recovery and without recovery I’m a suicidal addict.

I had attempted suicide as a teen and contemplated a ‘Thelma and Louise’ style exit again when I was aged thirty three. It’s now almost 20 years ago when I put down my nineteen year daily booze, drug, cigarette and hard living party lifestyle.

I thought Mr. Delicious would run a mile, when I shared my about my love affair with WRITING with him. Eleven years later he’s still here at my side, my strongest supporter (apart from my gorgeous sons) and the love of my life.

When other’s don’t get why his wife needs to WRITE everyday he just nods and smiles.

He gets it, he gets me and for that I’ll always be eternally loyal and grateful to him.”

So as I signed off that morning on vacation from my hotel room bathtub the above DWV entry on WRITING was complete.

Mr. D. had nodded off again and the clicking of my keyboard would have disturbed him.

Even though the bathtub wasn’t as comfortable as the plush bed at The Hotel Inter Continental in Cannes, I was still in heaven. My heart was comfortable and that’s really all that ever matters to me.

So today can I gently enquire ….

Who in your life loves and supports your self care rituals?

Do you support those you love when their absorbed in their self care rituals?

Do you invest wisely in your emotional fitness superannuation fund?

If not, why not start now?

We all deserve abundant grand and great grand years, but we have to invest wisely to reap abundant rewards.

We either invest in fear or love.

We can only reap what we sow.

Lots and lotsa love from Cynthia, your devoted WRITER, who cherishes and adores her readers.

Thanks for showing up here again today.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

Cynthia Morton

Cynthia is the bestselling Author, Blogger, Lecturer and Founder of the multi award-winning Emotional Fitness Program. Since 1995 she has helped nearly 30,000 Australians – from the leaders of commerce and industry, indigenous communities, elite athletes and teens - improve their emotional health and well-being. Her extraordinary work has been recognized with an Australian of the Year Award (Qld. Local Hero Category 2005), The Prime Ministers Award of Excellence Award, and The Pride of Australia Medal.

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