Worried about how much alcohol you drink?


Women are drinking more alcohol than ever before and statistics suggest the increase will continue.

The good news is drinking too much is an emotional habit that can be changed.

I always say ‘It’s the thinking before the drinking that is the problem.’

Underpinning excessive or habitual regular over-drinking is a conditioned response to alleviate stress, fear, boredom, low self esteem, anxiety and sleep issues – just to name a few.

Negative thinking holds the key

People don’t understand why they just can’t drink less and often sing willpower can have the opposite effect i.e. of drinking more. This is because unhelpful drinking is driven by the negative part of the brain that I call The Inner Critic. We all have an Inner Critic but how often we listen to it holds the key. The Inner Critic drives anxiety and self doubt and is always the catalyst to drinking more than planned. So if someone has a strong Inner Critic they may use alcohol as a way to find some reprieve.

We become more tolerant to alcohol

Ultimately the mind then uses this quick escape and before we know it, the habit of drinking that extra glass becomes familiar. What women don’t realise is that the brain and body become tolerant to alcohol and after a period of time that first glass doesn’t even touch the sides, so more alcohol is consumed to get the same feelings of feeling safe.

Hamster wheel of drinking too much

When we drink alcohol, the Inner Critic shuts down, so it is not the alcohol itself that drinkers want but the freedom of escaping this negative voice… Until they wake in the morning feeling angry and anxious with the Inner Critic saying ‘Why did you drink so much last night!’ then the mind and body get scared again and demand that alcohol needs to be consumed. The vicious cycle of drinking too much continues and then women worry that they have a drinking problem, which is in fact a ‘thinking problem!’

The goal of my 7 Days To Drink Less program is to re-train the mind and body to use healthier coping strategies that don’t relate to alcohol. So that when they do drink they are in a better space. Then there isn’t the urgency to drink fast and furiously to shut the Inner Critic down.

There is another way to consume alcohol with confidence

There is the opposite part that I call the Healthy Confident part that does know how to feel safe, grounded and confident to deal with life without alcohol being in the equation. It just needs to be exercised in the mind which is where my psychology and hypnosis techniques are implemented.

It’s a really quick and effective way to move on from unhealthy habits without having to delve into the past and without having to find out the ‘why’. The great thing about this method is it has been proven that the brain is pliable to emotional change which the neuro scientists call ‘Neuroplasticity.’

Some top tips to drinking less:

  • Don’t be coerced into drinking too much by heavy drinking friends. Feign illness, or an important meeting the next day or even better that you have a cracking hangover and couldn’t fathom a drink!
  • Keep an emotional diary for a week to see what the drivers to drinking more than you want to. You will see a pattern emerge.
  • DOWO – Drink One Water One. Hydrate yourself with a glass of water for each alcoholic drink you consume.
  • When you feel the urge to drink and you don’t want to, put on your favourite song that puts you into a good space, while singing Baa Baa Black Sheep. It will shift your thinking into a much calmer and kinder space.

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