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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your current job?

My name is Samantha, I am the Managing Director of Australia’s first dedicated wellness travel company, Health and Fitness Travel. We are dedicated to creating healthy holidays that improve lives. The majority of our clientele are busy, professional women, seeking to travel for their physical or mental well-being and with the increase in stress, overwhelm and mental health issues in Australia we whole-heartedly believe it’s important to keep shining a light on how self-care is not an indulgence but a necessity.

How did you get here? What made you see travel as a wellness initiative?

Several years ago, I undertook my own health journey which prompted me to look at how I could integrate health with my passion of travel. Initially, I planned to run my own retreats however, during my research I discovered that there were already many great retreats, offering excellent programs but there was no platform to connect the travellers with them in the local market and I could see there was a great opportunity to do so. I also believe travel allows us space to be our best selves, away from the stresses and pressures of daily life, which is perfect for focusing on your own well-being.

What are the most challenging things about your business?

Reaching all our potential clients—we are changing the way Australian’s travel and many would be wellness travellers don’t know yet that they have wellness travel experts available on call, or that we can advise and work with their existing agents. We also spend a lot of time focused on reminding our travellers, and in particular women that they deserve a dedicated break, and that it is not indulgent to take care of yourself. As the saying goes you cannot fill from an empty cup!

What are the most rewarding things and what achievement/goal are you most proud of achieving to date?

Launching Australia’s first dedicated wellness travel company is an achievement that I am very proud of. Together with a great team, we have sent thousands of clients on wellness holidays that have improved their lives, returning them feeling refreshed, relaxed and re-energised and the positive feedback we receive, almost daily is the most rewarding aspect of my role.

How do you find balance?

As a business owner I am always connected and that can make it difficult to maintain balance, but when I notice the overwhelm creeping in, then I head back to the basics, enough water, regular exercise, nutritious food and prioritising sleep. I also head off on retreat regularly, while it is often to research and meet with our current or new partners, I use the time wisely to be mindful of all the excellent advice, expert treatments and fabulous locations I am able to visit.

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Do you have any mentors or people who inspired you to follow your dream?

My husband has always been both a great mentor and supporter of my dreams, with his support I was able to commit full time to launching Health and Fitness Travel in Australia in 2014 and together we are realising our dream of a remote lifestyle—we can often be found on the road together creating our own co-working space each day and this year we’ve spent a lot of time in Asia exploring and improving our kiteboarding skills.

What is inspiring you at the moment (reading/ watching/learning)?

I am listening to Deep Work by Cal Newport, and re-listening to the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, I also enjoy his blog and I love audio books and think they are the only good example of multi-tasking, I can exercise and learn at the same time.

What’s your favourite place to travel and why?

I enjoy travel to almost every destination, and I am very blessed to visit many of our partner retreats regularly and recently enjoyed a lovely stay at the BARAI in Hua Hin. located on a long stretch of white sands beach, I do particularly enjoy tropical, beachside destinations and beautiful aquamarine waters, such as the Maldives and I absolutely loved Venice when visiting Italy for a dear friend’s wedding, another destination surrounded by water.

Do you have a message for women over 40?

Enjoy and protect your health, both physical and mental and don’t take it for granted. Also whatever you have been putting off for you, do it now.

What does the future hold for you?

Great things! Lots more travel and a continued focus on growing Health and Fitness Travel in Australia and globally, our goal is to improve the lives of 100,000 travellers by 2028.

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