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Women of Balance: Lea Schodel, Founder of the Mindful Wealth Movement


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

I am a financial wellness coach who educates and empowers women to create a healthy relationship with money, and learn to use money in a way which brings less stress, more happiness, freedom, wealth & well-being. I help women shift their thoughts, feelings and behaviours with money. I teach creatively and in a very different way to many “money” programs out there. I host workshops and retreats in Australia, Bali and India, have an online course and I offer coaching online and face to face. I have a background in personal finance (financial advice) and qualifications in Yoga, Mindfulness and Well-being.

What made you decide to start your own business?

I have always been innovative and looked outside the square for ways that things can be done differently. I always felt too creative for the financial services industry and felt that just because we were talking about money it didn’t be masculine or boring. I had a vision to support women through educational programs in a different way – I wanted to make it empowering, engaging, creative, soft yet powerful. I couldn’t find what I wanted to deliver so I decided to create it. I also wanted flexibility and the challenge of self-employment.

What are the most challenging things about running a business?

In small business you have to be across everything, from marketing, sales, admin, HR, IT to design and social media – you wear so many hats! Learning to delegate and outsource, to let go of perfectionism and unreasonable expectations of myself and to find balance.

What are the most rewarding things and what achievement/goal are you most proud of achieving to date?

I am very proud to have been recognised professionally as the 2017 AFA and TAL Female Excellence in Advice winner and 2016 Money Management Young Achiever of the year. But my biggest achievement has honestly been to create a business which combines my skills and experience in finance with what I love and most passionate about being wellbeing, mindfulness, yoga + travel. They say, if you find what you love, you’ll never “work” another day in your life. I feel blessed to have found and created that for myself.

How do you find balance?

Balance to me is all about doing things in moderation. I work hard, but I love what I do. I enjoy wine and coffee and eating out, but I also love yoga and the beach, meditation and down time. To be “well” is about finding your own balance in life and doing more of the things that bring you joy.


Do you have any mentors or people who inspire you?

I have been fortunate to have been supported by strong female role models throughout my life. Each of these women has shown me that you don’t necessarily need to be loud and extroverted to be a good leader. What is most important instead is authenticity, self-belief, awareness, empathy and independence.

Working in the social enterprise space also inspires me constantly as I see so many entrepreneurs shifting their focus to an impact and purpose drive business model – helping to make the world a better place.

What is inspiring you at the moment (reading/ watching/learning)?

I am always studying. I am fascinated by behavioural psychology of money and what drives us to do the things we do with it! I have recently qualified as a Certified Money Coach which is a US -based qualification in this area. I am constantly reading books on business, personal development, finance, yoga, spirituality, well-being and take regular workshops and classes in these areas.

Do you have a message for women over 40?

To create financial freedom, you first need to have financial control. Learning about money and how to use it as an investment in your future health, wealth and wellbeing! As women, we are already at a disadvantage when it comes to receiving and growing our wealth due to the gender pay gap, lower superannuation balances and longer life expectancy. Money is a tool to you can use to create well-being and achieve your goals and aspirations. Find a mentor, adviser or coach who you resonate with and put some attention and energy into your fiances. It’s a decision you will never regret!

What does the future hold for you?

The foreseeable future sees me travelling to the US to speak at The Mindful Wealth Conference ( in September, and running retreats and workshops her and in Bali later this year. I hope to see my book in print by the end of 2018 and beyond that I am open to all possibilities. My vision is to continue to spread the concept of mindful wealth and support more women to create a healthy relationship with money, reduce stress, and live healthier and wealthier lives.

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