Four Things to Consider When Finding a Support Team for Your Health Goals


Congratulations. If you’re reading this article, you’ve already taken a positive step in the right direction towards a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve tried previously to implement healthy habits on your own, with limited results. Or, this might be the first time you’ve thought about seeking the help of a professional to address your long term health.

One thing’s for sure, accountability is instrumental to healthy weight loss and weight maintenance. Regardless of where you’re at in your journey to healthier living, these tips will help you find the right support team for you to achieve your health and weight loss goals.

Qualifications & Credibility

The first thing to look for in a quality support team, are the qualifications of the individuals treating you. Make sure the people cheering you through your successes know their stuff! Some commercial weight loss programs are run by consultants, who are simply trained in the program with no formal education in nutrition, exercise science, medicine or psychology. Being accountable with real experts one-on-one in health, nutrition and mindset affords you the opportunity to receive personalised advice for your individual circumstances.

Ask about the qualifications and training of who you’ll be seeing. How will their background will help educate and guide you throughout the program? Does the company have published results, and has the program worked well for others?

Long Term Lifestyle

Many quick fixes and fad diets go for fast weight loss, which unfortunately doesn’t last. This is why “dieting” doesn’t work. There are also heaps of self-managed online challenges available right now. However when doing a self-managed program, do you get to talk one-on-one with a Psychologist about the challenges you faced that week and how you overcame them? What about when a 12 week challenge is over?

A successful weight management program should, first and foremost, promote healthy, sustainable habits that are easily integrated into your lifestyle. So, essentially new habits just become your new norm. Look for programs that promote steady weight loss, and that can set you up with a support plan for long term maintenance. Think about your life and how you want a plan and team to fit into your lifestyle. Can you see what’s being suggested fitting into your life? Are the goals realistic?

Addresses All Areas

To reach and maintain a healthy weight long term, you need to address more than what you’re eating. A healthy weight loss program should address other key areas to ensure your long term success, including exercise, health and mindset.

For example, programs that deliver prepared meals to your door are very convenient. However, an Accredited Practising Dietitian can explain food labels and design a meal plan to help you understand how to balance healthy meals yourself. A doctor can oversee your general health, give advice about medications and monitor things like your blood pressure. Finally, a qualified psychologist can help with behaviour modification, and address your relationship with food.

Believable Claims

With an abundance of information online and in the media, it’s no wonder people are confused about weight loss and health. Many products (especially those endorsed by celebrities), claim to be the next miracle pill for weight loss. Be wary of programs that are rigid or limiting food wise, or that encourage the unnecessary purchasing of pills or gadgets.

Instead look for flexible programs that encourage healthy portions of all food groups that are realistic in their meal plans. You want a team that shares your vision for a healthier future that will set realistic, manageable goals for you each week!

Need Help Finding a Healthy Balance for You?

Evidence shows that a multidisciplinary approach to losing weight, like the one provided by the LifeShape Clinic, is more effective than seeing one practitioner alone*. LifeShape Clinic’s three step approach to losing weight, is implemented by applying personalised strategies that work for you. Building up your knowledge, confidence and skills to not only make healthy food choices but to support your behaviours around food and exercise is important to set a foundation for sustainable lifestyle change. Is it time to make healthy your new habit?

*To find out more about the evidence behind the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to clinical weight loss, follow this link


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About the LifeShape Clinic

Over 15 years, the LifeShape Clinic (formerly Wesley LifeShape Clinic) has helped more than 10,000 Australians achieve healthier, happier lives through their award winning weight management programs. The LifeShape program enables the lifestyle and health benefits gained from losing weight, improving your health and gaining a positive mindset.

The clinic’s team of specialist medical professionals support each client by creating a personalised weight loss plan to reach a healthy weight, improve nutrition, exercise and mindset – helping to find balance and break the dieting cycle.

Find out how the clinic can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

LifeShape Clinic

Over 15 years LifeShape Clinic has helped more than 10,000 Australians achieve healthier, happier lives through their award winning weight management programs. The LifeShape program enables the lifestyle and health benefits gained from losing weight, improving your health and gaining a positive mindset.

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