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Why are we so hard on ourselves?


Do you ever stop to give yourself a pat on the back for the things you have achieved? Are you constantly finding fault with your body, your life decisions, your role as a mother or daughter? Why do we, as women, feel the need to be so critical of ourselves? When will we grant ourselves permission to say “I admire X, Y and Z about myself”?

In this interview, comedian and writer Jane Kennedy says she often feels like a ‘failure’ when she compares herself to other mothers…but she is learning to accept things the way they are.

“I think we have been told – and it was so long ago – that we can ‘have it all’ and it’s still hanging over us…and that’s why when I appear in public I want people to know that I do not have it all under control, I don’t have a balanced life. I’d like it to be balanced but I can’t. Everything is a juggle – and everything’s falling on the floor. I think more honesty from people who have a bit of a profile would be helpful,” she said.

Pressure cooker

In a recent interview with Marie Claire supermodel Miranda Kerr spoke about the topic of women being tough on themselves and said:

“I really feel that if you do the best you can everyday, then that’s all you can do. There are decisions that you make for yourself and for your family that no-one else should have a say in. I feel like as women we put too much pressure on ourselves to try and be everything to everyone.

“That’s why I think it’s really important to take time out for yourself. It’s nice for me to come home and just completely relax and get in touch with that feminine side of myself – I find cooking really relaxing for example, and I love just being outside in the garden with my son. Those simple things are really what make life worthwhile,” Miranda said.

Deleting negative thoughts

In the TEDx talk below Niko Everett talks about the idea of ‘turning up the volume’ on positive thoughts that we have about ourselves and ‘deleting’ those that are negative.


About Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy is an Australia actress and television presenter.  Jane has also managed to appear on radio and TV as well as fit in writing four cook books – all while raising five young children.

Best known for her work with the Working Dog Productions, including their panel talk show The Panel, and the films The Castle and The Dish.

You can catch Jane Kennedy on TEN’s popular program, Have You Been Paying Attention?


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