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Where’s your life calling for more courage?


I’ve been writing in a journal off and on since I was eleven. Yes, crazy right? While my entries have evolved since my ’tween’ years, a common thread has woven through many of them.


Having the courage to…

  • not let what others think pilot my life.
  • to do the right thing versus the easy thing.
  • pursue big dreams even when they daunt me.
  • keep trust myself that I can handle whatever challenges that creates (like juggling four kids while pursuing my passion).
  • have the tough conversations I’d rather avoid. There’s been lots of these!
  • say no to opportunities and invitations that just aren’t aligned with my biggest vision.
  • trust that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, even when it’s not what I’d have chosen.
  • keep faith in the midst of dark times that I will somehow find a gift in them.
  • risk rejection and mistakes and failure, again and again and again.

I believe with all my heart is that we all need to be brave and courageous throughout the course of our lives. Not just in big ways. But in little ways. Daily.

Because let’s face it, unless we intentionally choose to be brave, our innate desire to stay safe and avoid discomfort will win out.

Tacitus once said that “Our desire for safety stands against every great and noble endeavor.” It also stands against you ever enjoying all that you most want – in your work, in your home, in the relationships you build and the impact you make – and changing what you don’t; what weighs you down and keeps you from feeling more joy, gratitude, deeper connection and greater contentment in your life today.

If you haven’t got a journal, I hope you’ll get one. Better still, I encourage you to pick up a copy of my latest book Make Your Mark: A Guidebook for the Brave Hearted. . It’s packed with powerful questions to help you get the clarity you need to move forward with the sense of purpose needed to live your biggest life and face your challenges with more grace and grit. So get yourself a copy and read it with a pen in hand!

And if you live in Australia, I hope you’ll find a way to join me at one of my upcoming Live Brave Days (and Night) in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane this May.  Stepping out of my comfort zone to lead these public programs is something I’ve felt called to do and if you watch the video from my Live Brave Day in Melbourne last month you’ll see why I am so passionate about doing more of them.

As always, live bravely. What you want most is riding on it.



Margie Warrell

An internationally recognized leader in human potential – Margie Warrell is passionate about empowering people to think bigger about what is possible for them, engage in braver conversations and lead more purposeful lives.

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