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What does Balance mean? 16 personal insights from special guests


Over the past years, we have been lucky to hear wonderful personal insights from Balance guests who all lead diverse, busy careers. When asked “What does balance mean to you?”, what struck us was how different their answers were, and how they interpreted ‘balance’…

What is me-time? What helps me deal with taking on bigger challenges? How do I switch off my brain for a while? How do I make time for family? What helps me get through the tough times?

Balance, is our own unique recipe, it is different things to different people. We’ve dug into our archives to share with you some of the inspiring quotes from our guests about Balance and hope you find one that helps you find balance in your life.

Balance is…

Having really good people around you, people who have got your back and love you, believe in you and just give you the strength to keep getting out of bed every day.
Lisa Wilkinson – TV personality, journalist

I go to the gym nearly every morning I can. I try to control my time and prioritise as best I can to spend time with my son. I eat well, and there is a lot of love in my life. Therapy is fantastic. I find it really helpful.
Darren Palmer – interior designer, writer, television personality

I found that whether or not I had a balance between my work and family, care and responsibilities, it wasn’t one decision I made (to change). It was actually the result of thousands of decisions I made every day about where I spend my time. Having that insight allowed me to ask myself “Is this (event) so important that it should take me away from my family for the evening, weekend etc?”
Elizabeth Broderick – lawyer, former Sex Discrimination Commissioner, businesswoman

It’s those mornings, where I’ll get to read a book, or sit at the piano, and get to absorb all of the things that I think keep me living.
Kate Ceberano – singer, musician, performer

Making time for me-time. Exercise is my meditation, my me-time. I either swim a mile a day or I run 5km, or a powerwalk.
Kathy Lette – author, public speaker

I think, for me, compartmentalising. If I’m at work I have to block out everything else going on at home. Be ‘in the moment’ at that time, focus on who you’re with and where you are at that time… and every now and then, abit of exercise!
Jean Kittson – performer, scriptwriter, comedian

I meditate on my beautiful balcony taking in the aromas, the fresh air, the colours. I also crochet, sketch and paint. Those skills help shut down the neurotic part of my brain and makes my brain think of something else. I try to do as many things that take me away from doing just that one thing one way all the time. Having a variety of ways to express yourself, like creativity, is really important.
Indira Naidoo – author, journalist, television presenter

Where do I get the balance from? Firstly, I love what I do. My children and my husband also give me balance… they force it on me!
Wendy Harmer – comedian, performer, children’s book author

I try hard to get regular exercise, including some weight-bearing exercises. Now, I have the time for the things that I love, like reading, gardening, cooking. These, for me, are very nourishing activities. I love cooking for my friends and family. I appreciate the small things like the first buds on my daffodils… enjoying these daily rituals.
Anna Bligh – Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Banking Association, businesswoman, former Queensland Premier

I try to get to the gym a few times a week or fit in a session with my personal trainer – get some fresh air outdoors. I think we all need to be completely honest with how we make our lives work. I ended up hiring someone to come in each day to clean, shop and assist with odd jobs. Some days, coming home after work to a clean dining table is all it takes to make me feel that life is running smoothly!
Amanda Keller – TV presenter, radio host and comedian

I do what I love. I love snow skiing so we go every year and I try to make that the couple of weeks where I tune out, and the kids and I spend a lot of time together. I love eating, drinking and cooking so cooking at home for my friends, or socialising at a beautiful restaurant with a great glass of wine, makes me happy.
Neil Perry – chef, restaurateur, author, television presenter

Keep your sense of humour. Breath before you scream (I’m still working on that one!). Never hide your true laugh. Lower the bar.
Jane Kennedy – actress, comedian, radio presenter, television producer

It usually involves exercise. I try to get to the gym twice a week and go for a walk twice a week. Going for a meditative walk near the beach (no headphones) and just listening to the noise around me. Having a regular massage when I can.
Kellie Hush – Editor-in-chief of Harpers Bazaar Australia

I know that for me, water is so therapeutic, so I try and get to the beach once a week… I know that things like journaling, the Blue Mountains work for me. I know the strategies that rejuvenate me. If I can ritualise them into my weeks, months, quarters, it doesn’t matter how busy or side-tracked I get, they are my absolute, fundamental, non-negotiables and if I keep doing them I’m going to be alright.
Jack Delosa – Founder of Australia’s largest education institution for entrepreneurs, author, investor

Keeping it simple. Picking up the kids from school, hanging out with them. I’ve never been very good at ‘exercise’, but I’m very active, always walking up and down stairs, walking places. Food – the ritualistic aspect is important, going to the market and seeing what’s fresh, what’s in season.
Tina Arena – singer, entertainer

Being organised, prioritising the priorities ie the kids, business, family. I always work a couple of weeks ahead so there’s abit of downtime. In the downtime I spend it with the kids, get acupuncture, reiki, or kinesiology, try to get a weekend away. Exercise is usually playing tennis rather than the gym.
Shelley Barrett – ModelCo Founder, businesswoman, entrepreneur

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