We’ll miss Lee Lin Chin’s sartorial style


After 30 years as SBS’s World News presenter, the iconic and enigmatic Lee Lin Chin bid her audience farewell. She is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most respected and recognisable newsreaders. Entire generations of Australian’s have grow up hearing her unmistakable, articulate voice reporting news from around the world.

Her acerbic, wry wit and unexpectedly irreverent sense of humour has elevated her to comedic cult status on social media. But long before the internet existed, it was Lee Lin’s love of unique fashion and trademark quirky style that made her a fashion icon. She thumbed her nose at trends and opinion with flourish and flamboyance.

Always distinctive, never predictable. We take a look back at just a few of Lee Lin Chin’s unforgettable outfits.

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Picture: Jason EdwardsSource:News Corp Australia

Picture: Jason Edwards Source:News Corp Australia


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“But it was not her ethnicity, her eye for fashion, her cult status or pioneering position that made Lee Lin Chin a beloved household name. Simply, she was and continues to be a damn fine broadcast journalist.” 

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