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I have so much to tell you today.

First, a dream came true for me last Friday.

I saw Marianne Williamson speak LIVE in my hometown of Charleston, SC.

I sat in awe, hanging onto to every.single.word.she.said. over the course of two hours.

This woman has inspired me for over ten years.

Since the day I read her book A Return To Love, I knew she was one the greatest spiritual leaders of our time.

Over the years, I’ve read her books, listened to her lectures and each time I feel like I’ve learned a lifetime of lessons. The messages she shares feel like an invitation to come home to who I really am and they remind me how I can best show up in the world to serve others.

Not to mention, my hubby and I used the vows in her book, Illuminata as our wedding vows.

A few things surprised me about Marianne, first I didn’t realize she was such a spit fire.

Laaawwwd knows I love a fiery woman on a mission to serve from a place of love. 

I’ve never witnessed someone embody so much courage and tenacity while also having the deepest, softest loving eyes.

She’s the epitome of a Leader who’s LIVING her Purpose.

I’ll tell you more about this later, but I chatted with her one on one after the lecture and she  gave me the title of my first book.  No Big Deal!

Yeah right, it was an absolute pinch me moment to say the least.

My favorite words she shared of the entire evening were this, “Pray Hard, Love Deep and Kick Some Ass!”

In todays Golden Nugget,  I’m sharing one of the biggest take aways from the evening and it’s about YOU. Click the link below to watch.

Now over to you. What’s your purpose and how are you using it the world? Send me an email and let me know.

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Ashley Cebulka

Ashley Cebulka’s passion for life is palpable. As a Certified Lifestyle Consultant, her mission is to help you to trust your intuition and empower yourself to listen to your desires so you can live a life you truly love. She is passionate about creating a worldwide community that supports and encourages one another’s vision so we can all thrive.

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