What you watched on Balance in 2017


Balance viewers have watched more than 1525 hours of videos this year, with each video averaging 2min in length.

The top 6 most viewed videos in 2016 are:

At Number #1

Deb’s weight loss journey with the Lifeshape Clinic

Want to know more about how the program went for Deb? To watch her follow up video CLICK HERE.

Number #2

Ruben Meerman the surfing scientist released his book Big Fat Myths in 2016 after exploring the science behind weightloss and in early 2017 we caught up for a chat.

He said, scientifically, it is impossible to not lose weight so not surprisingly, the most viewed video from our chat was about how much excercise you really need to do to achieve weight loss.

You can listen to Ruben’s whole interview via podcast while you’re out walking HERE

Number #3

Access Consiousness creator Dain Heer is always in our top 5 every year. This year we caught up with Dain in February for a chat about relationships and emotional impact on the body.

Dain also gave Deb a personal counselling session – asking her do you want to be right or happy in a relationship? CLICK HERE to view

Dain’s interview is also available now as a podcast.

Number #4

Legendary screen actress Noni Hazlehurst says the great thing about being in her 60s that she doesn’t care so much what other people think, but it’s been too long coming. We love Noni and you obviously do too because it’s become one of our most watched videos…

CLICK HERE to see all our interview videos with Noni

Number #5

A recognisable face on Australian screens, newsreader, journalist and TV personality Georgie Gardner joined us to talk about her career love, last year’s massive change for family and her “lucky” life so far.

From her education to a cadetship in radio, thriving TV career and family, Georgie has a great appreciation of life’s blessings and how “lucky” she has been in all of these areas of life.

Watch all of our interview segments with Georgie CLICK HERE

Number #6

Deb sadly lost her beautiful puppy Billie in March and threw herself into her Renovation Rookie project.

Her video blog of her progress has been some of our most popular videos this year. Check out the latest update HERE

Our most popular video courses

Audrey said: Wow…lots to mull over. I will review this one again to help gel all that was said. Have seen a few friends get burnt out in their small businesses over the years. Some weren’t open to change, some over stretched themselves on the finances and then felt like total failures. Just wish your sessions were available to them at the time. For myself, looking to start small and work towards transition over the next few years to a part-time retirement business


master class of wellness, lyndall mitchell, online learning course, Balance online learning platform

Leanne said; Thank you Lyndall – this has been a fabulous course to work through. It has made me think and focus on areas of my life that I wasn’t in tune with before I started the lessons. I have been a very busy person for a long time and regularly feel out of control and whilst I am unable to reduce the busy in the short term, I feel better equipped to try different strategies to cope and reduce that out of control feeling. This has been time well spent!!

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