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Uberkate: Was there a mentor figure during your career change?


In this Balance series, Deborah chats with creative entrepreneur and designer, Kate Sutton, founder of Uberkate personalised jewellery.

Deb asks Kate about the period when she discovered the popularity of her jewellery designs meant demand was going to overtake production. At this point of deciding whether to create a full-time business from what started as a part-time creative hobby, Deb asks Kate whether there was anyone who gave her the courage or mentorship, to take this nerve-wracking step.

“I have to be totally honest and say that there wasn’t. There wasn’t much cottage industry going on that I was aware of, and I think perhaps being immersed in the TV world as well, I probably wasn’t exposed to those kinds of people.”

Kate found that it wasn’t until she started reaching out to other jewellers to learn from, and stone-setters to work with, that she received some mentoring. From people who she describes as ‘having greater skill sets than me’.

To this day, whenever she can, Kate will sit with one of her stone-setters and watch them at work. Stone-setting is very old, traditional craft but as Kate remarks, it’s a very dirty one. It still amazes her when, from the layers of grime and dust, emerges a painstakingly crafted, stunning diamond ring.

About Kate Sutton

Kate Sutton enjoyed a successful career in television before starting her own business which grew out of her hobby of jewellery making.

With no commercial training, Kate launched her first signature piece, the highly successful Ubercircle, back in 2004.  Since then her business Uberkate has achieved incredible success, creating quality bespoke jewellery for people all over the world from her home studio in Sydney, Australia. Kate is an official ambassador and mentor for Global Sisters.

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