Understanding your emotional journey through menopause


As they say, all good things must come to an end. But what if the best is yet to come? Balance coach and holistic wellbeing specialist Noni Boon gives us her perspective on the physical and emotional changes of menopause.

By Noni Boon

For many women, menopause can be a time of grief for their lost years of youth and fertility. But I believe it should also be seen as a creative opening and opportunity for transformation – in other words, something to be celebrated.

Like everything in life, there is a balance that exists in the menopausal procedure and I want to show you how it can be maximised and equalised in the best possible way. Whenever something changes in your body or in your life, whether good or bad, it incites grief. Every significant change carries a grief component. The grief attached to menopause comes up because your childbearing days are over – you feel different in your body and the old you no longer exists. It is healthy to grieve this change for all the obvious reasons.

But there is also much to celebrate. Your ability to be creative intensifies and you receive the wonderful possibility of transforming into a new and improved you while taking on new endeavours and increasing your zest for living.

There are many reasons to celebrate menopause. Apart from never again having to put up with the discomfort of period pains, the hormonal lead-up to menstruation and the indignity of watching the young checkout boy scan your tampons, you also get to move into a new life stage that looks very different to anything you have experienced before.

If you have children, they are most likely quite grown-up and may already have left home. You now have the privilege of thinking about you, your life and what it is that you want from now on. You no longer have the same demands on you and are looking at your future through a different lens.

You are more discerning, you possess more wisdom and you will develop the determination to make this next stage of your life really count. You now have the ability to take a larger view of the world.

Raising a family tends to keep people more narrowly focused. Empty nesters start to look further out into the world and think about ways in which they can make a difference.

Menopause is a second chakra process. Your second chakra is located in the reproductive area of the body. This is also your creative centre. When people express creativity, the energy that provides the source comes from the second chakra. During menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy and menopause, this area of the body becomes heightened and creativity flows more easily.

So menopause is the perfect time to explore your creativity. If you haven’t yet picked up a paintbrush, straddled a spinning wheel, redecorated the house, designed a garden or taken up an artistic endeavour, menopause is the perfect time to do so.

Medical “intuitive” Carolyn Myss has identified two main reasons for discomfort and ill health associated with menopause. There is either an excess of creative energy that has not been expressed and is “trapped”, causing the second chakra to speed up, or a leak from this chakra where creative energy has been misdirected and misused, causing it to slow down.

For optimal health, all seven chakras need to spin at the same speed and pace.

Many women experience a great transformation during menopause. They feel a shift in their priorities, a stronger drive to live a full life and a deeper intimacy with their husband or partner now that the children are not a maddening contraception. And the absence of menstruation makes for a green light in the bedroom at any time without having to calculate what time of the month it is.

Menopause is a time to expand your creative life and balance the flow of energy through your second chakra.

It is a time to grow spiritually and emotionally through the grief process and develop the stamina and resilience needed to cope with further life changes.

Instead of mothering your immediate family, you now have the capacity to nurture further afield. There are the possibilities of grandchildren or taking on an altruistic endeavour or even entering a philanthropic phase reaching out to those in need. Whatever opportunity or transformation takes place for you through menopause, be sure to give yourself credit for once again enduring and completing one of the many full cycles of life.

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Noni Boon

Noni Boon is a woman who genuinely cares for people. It gives her great pleasure to be able to live her life helping others to discover their true potential. Noni is a writer, international bestselling author and motivational speaker who holds a Certificate in Holistic Counselling and Communication. She’s also an artist, mother and nature-lover. Learn how to design the life you want with Noni’s online personal development course.

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