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Top Drink Less Tips over The Festive Season


Over the Christmas period for many there will be certain social situations whether it be work related, at the Christmas party or even with family, where you will be around people who you may not necessarily connect with.

It could be you feel a little shy or perhaps you are in an environment where you feel bored or just not really into it but you have to be there for whatever reason.  In this situation, some people assume that drinking a lot of alcohol is a great way to cope or to gel with the group a little better.

Here are some top tips to avoid over-drinking during this busy social time.

  1. Decide before you go out how much you are going to drink over the hours you are there and stick to it.
  2. Finish each drink before you have a top up, so you can gauge how much you are drinking.
  3. Opt out of all cocktails and punches. They can be lethal and hard to tell how much alcohol is in them.
  4. Do not be coerced into drinking to please others.  If you need to, just tell a little white lie, such as, you are taking antibiotics or just a little under the weather.  Even better, tell people you have a ‘cracking hangover’ and couldn’t face another drink after last night!
  5. DOWO Policy. Drink one, water one.  Alternate between alcohol and water, to keep you hydrated.
  6. Drink from your non-dominant hand.  It will seem a little uncomfortable, so it will make you more aware of how much you are drinking.
  7. Drink a big glass of water before you start drinking, to hydrate yourself, often the first drink is about being thirsty!
  8. If you are shy or bored, instead of reaching for the alcohol to calm you down or entertain you, shift your thinking to something funny and sing a little song in your head, such as baa-baa black sheep at the same time.  This will distract your mind away from self-doubt and shift your thinking into a positive state.
  9. Keep an emotional diary over a few weeks to understand what the drivers are to drinking in unhelpful ways are; such as boredom, loneliness, tiredness, fear and anger. Look at other ways of processing these feelings without transferring them to alcohol.
  10. See the festive season as a time when we all tend to drink more than normal and that is okay, so be kind to yourself and realise it’s just the silly season!


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