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Tips for cooking with fish


Rick Stein, celebrity chef and restaurateur, has earned national treasure status in the UK with a TV career spanning over 30 years.

He returned to the small screen in November 2017 for a seven-part BBC series “Road to Mexico“.  The 70-year-old is retracing his steps from a road trip he embarked on nearly 50 years ago, in 1958.

Since starting his celebrity chef career, Rick has produced more than 20 cookbooks and has 15 restaurants to his name including Bannisters at Mollymook on the northern coast of New South Wales.

In this video, Deb talks to Rick about cooking fish and finding new species to cook with.

Rick says people could help sustain our fisheries by merely buying different fish rather than choosing the most popular.

He suggests trying Leather Jacket as an excellent replacement for John Dory.

Next, Deb asks if he has any tips for cooking fish and Rick says it comes down to two things:

1.Learn how to buy fish.

2. Having a good relationship with a local fishmonger 

Check out this recipe for a local snapper with orange and capers from his restaurant  Rick Stein at Bannisters.

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