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I don’t now about you, but I find some days I just can’t ‘switch off’ my mind! The monkey mind, constant chatter just continues through the night, unless I have something to ‘distract me ’ or slow it down.  After all, our mind is meant to ‘think’ that’s what the brain is programmed to do isn’t it?!  I tend to go one hundred miles and hour so I am certainly someone who needs tools to help me slow down the mind chatter and help me relax mentally and physically. Meditation sounded like a good idea.. but I really didn’t think I had time.

When I first was introduced to meditation, I found it boring and I didn’t think I could do it properly. All that happened for me, was I sat going through lists of what else I should be doing in the time I was trying to meditate so it was really just a ‘list creating’ session. When I tried to focus on ‘the breath’ I found my mind kept wandering and then  I would berate myself for not  doing it properly, for not being as focused as everyone else  in the group who seemed to be doing it right. At the end of these meditations, I was often more stressed than before them.  I had thought there was only one way to meditate so when I didn’t like that way, I figured I didn’t like meditation and I couldn’t do it. Wrong.

Reset programWhen I found different meditation practices that resonated with me that I realised I could meditate and that I could actually enjoy it.  One thing I have learnt is that there isn’t just ‘one way’ to meditate, there are short and long meditations there is  mindfulness practice which is a form of meditation versus more structured, focused meditations. I love the variety in the types of meditation I can use based on my mood, my location and situation. I use a range of  different meditations and they all work, breath meditation, body relaxation, guided visualisation, connecting with guides, sound healing, pain management and mantra and chanting meditations.

Meditation can assist with processing thoughts and emotions and it often results in insights during or after the meditation.  When we stop the mind-chatter, it creates the space for our soul messages to come through, it enables emotions to flow through and it creates space for us to focus or re-focus on what we want. It calms the ‘noise’ in the mind, hooray for that!

Some days, I still have the ‘monkey mind’ in my meditations, the difference now is that I allow that and have more compassion towards myself and I allow the thoughts or emotions to come through without getting caught up in why or how. Providing the space for the thoughts and emotions to be processed in meditation, means that they aren’t pushed down, suppressed and held in my body, they can be processed and released from my field then and there. The less heavy, negative energy I hold, the better and the less triggers which created emotional outbursts in my day, I’d rather be angry or sad in my meditations than throw that energy at someone else.

I’ve developed the online meditation course, as I figure there are lots of people like me, who know they should meditate but just don’t have time for it! I thought creating an online version with recordings means people can listen to it on the train or bus or anytime without having to commit to turning up to a weekly class.  I’ve also included lots of different types of meditation so that people can learn and try different styles to see what they like. That’s the great part, there are so many different meditation styles and they all work, take your pick!

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