There’s a Ton of BS Out There

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I’m curious, do you ever find yourself overwhelmed or even sick of the wellness industry?

If the answer’s yes, I’m with you.

Sometimes I get nauseas from seeing people say, “Choose JOY!” and life will always work out.

Ummmm yeah, not exactly.

We all know life is super complex.

Yes, we have plenty of opportunities on daily basis to focus our energy on joy. When we do it does feel fanfreakintastic.

Yet over all, choosing joy isn’t always the answer.

There’s plenty of experiences in life, that bring us to our knees. Where we’re begging for some type of fairy dust clarity to arrive on a magic carpet, so we make sense of how messy our lives feel.

Especially when we’re going through major life changes.

I think we can agree that change IS intrinsically messy.  I think a lot of us get stuck, when we try to make change look pretty.

You know what I mean, we are inundated with messages that we need to be positive all the time. There’s probably more than 10 million memes on the internet about having a positive & optimistic attitude in life. Heck, my optimistic hands are waving in the air over here. I LOVE positivity.

Yet, here’s where it trips us up, when we’re ‘trying to be’ positive, even though our lives feel as messy as hell. We’re robbing ourselves of the experience of feeling ALL of our emotions. This takes courage.

Here’s an idea.

Let it be freakin’ messy. Let yourself cry as you’re checking out of the grocery store. Let yourself have a day when you’re not productive. Let yourself cry, scream and feel all the emotions that come with change.

And then, when you’re ready, you’ll pick yourself up and march on like the powerful human being you are because you had the courage to feel it all. This is what actually builds self trust. This is what strengthens our confidence.

I recently read a book that rocked my world. YOU know that kind, where you’re cracking up one moment and getting teary eyed the next.

After reading, Danielle LaPorte’s new stroke of genius, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

Danielle calls out a bunch of the bullshit in the self help world and encourages all of us, to trust ourselves more.

Grab yourself a copy here http://www.daniellelaporte.com/store/index.php/wht-hardcover.html?dlap=163

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All love & courage,

Balance Team

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