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Manifestation: The power of hanging your dreams on the wall


The power of a vision board can be life undeniable; just ask social media maven and jewellery designer Megan Castran after a picture of Oprah on her board turned into a visit from the superstar herself!

Megan had placed an image of Oprah on her vision board because it “made me happy to think she was coming to Australia.”

According to Megan, when Oprah stood in her art studio and saw her vision board, she said; “Now I’m a believer in dreams but this is ridiculous.”

In this video, Megan Castran talks to Deborah about the power of a vision board and how to create one.

For Megan, the board sits around a tv and features items like pictures, photos, ticket stubs etc.

“(It’s just stuff) not that I necessarily have to have, but stuff I like the look of that makes me happy,” said Megan.

“I think the key is to look at the board and smile and be happy about it. It is not about desperation,” she said.

Create your own vision board

To make your own vision board, you will first need to know where to put it. Megan advises to put the board where you feel the happiest and relaxed.

Things you will need:

– A cork board, canvas, blackboard or wall space

– Lots of pictures of things that you love and bring you joy

– Your imagination

For more information about Megan see http://www.jewelchic.com/

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