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Well-shaped and groomed brows are absolutely vital to balance and frame a woman’s face and to maintain a youthful appearance.  I’ve called upon the ‘Queen of Brows’ and my personal ‘can’t-live-without’ brow and beauty expert Kristy Terriss of Raising the Brow for a short Q&A to help explain ‘ the power of the brow ’.  (Thanks to Kristy for the use of her business tagline!):

Q:  Kristy, why are well-shaped brows so important?

I have literally seen years come off a ladies face just by a professional brow shaping, the right colour brow tint or lightening!!!  Great brows suit the individual’s face and as no two brows are alike, there is not one template to suit everyone. Where possible I encourage my clients to keep a shapely brow without compromising the fullness.  It’s about finding the right balance.

Q:  What is the most important tip you can give to women over 40 in relation to brow shape and maintenance?

As we age most people tend to lose colour in their features, particularly eyebrows and lashes.  I encourage my clients to tint their brows and lashes as it gives the face definition and dimension and brightens up your whole face.

Q:  As we age, what happens to our brows?

You may notice hormonal hairs that start to grow in your brows that are often long and coarse in texture and white or grey in color.   Never try to pull too many of these hairs out yourself as you may create ‘holes’ in your brow.  If that is the case, it’s time to seek some advice.   Colour or lightening the brow can help this.

Q: What are some examples of how the wrong shaped brows can be ageing?

Brows that are too highly arched brows can be aging, as are brows with no shape.  When looking at a person’s brow I look at their face as a whole.  Some brow professionals will only scrutinize the individual brow – where as I view the brows as the ‘complete picture’ taking into consideration complexion, hair color and how the brows are proportioned to other facial features.

Q:  Do you follow trends when shaping brows?

Trends come and go with brows but it’s important to remember to go with what suits the individual.  Finding a brow professional who can guide you in the right direction is the first step.  I know my client’s brows so well that I know when one hair is missing.  The relationship is the same as your hairdresser – you will never leave them once you find a great brow expert.

Q:  What is your advice for daily maintenance of brows?

Home maintenance should be kept to a minimum and definitely no waxing yourself at home – plucking the hairs below the brow line is fine.

Investing in a good brow powder or pencil will help to keep your colour looking fuller and polished for longer.  Powders are great for creating fullness and pencils are great for filling in gaps and creating lines or you can use a combination of both.  A good brow gel slicked over the top will keep the brow hairs in place and give your brows a ‘salon –finished’ look.

Beauty Note:  Keep up to date with the latest brow, beauty and skin news and advice by visiting Kristy’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/RaisingTheBrow or for more information about Kristy’s services visit her website at http://www.raisingthebrow.com.au.


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