Lee Tulloch: The nervous traveller


She’s one of Australia’s best-known travel writers. She has journeyed to all corners of the globe, writing feature stories that have ended up on the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and New York Magazine. For this reason, it might be hard to imagine that Lee Tulloch is a nervous traveller.

In this interview she tells Deborah how she has managed to overcome her fear of flying… and she also offers tips about how to stay healthy and calm while on the road.

lee tulloch the woman in the lobbyThe Woman in the Lobby

“The Woman In The Lobby” is the fifth novel by Australian journalist and author, Lee Tulloch. Alternating between now and then, Violet Armengard is the woman in the lobby. Nowadays, forty-year-old Violet is in the lobby of any good hotel, almost anywhere in the world, looking for a suitable prospect while avoiding the manager’s attention. A prospect might wine and dine her, bed her and perhaps take her on vacation, allow her to live comfortably for a while. For Violet has no home.

Then, she was a nervous thirty-year-old, waiting in the lobby of her Melbourne hotel for her estranged husband Patrick, hoping to entice him back to the marriage bed. When that failed, once again she was in the lobby, getting thoroughly drunk, drunk enough to end up with an extremely athletic Ukrainian tennis player in her room, teaching her more about sex than Patrick had done in two years of marriage. She followed him to Paris and found, to her dismay, that he was gone. And so began her life as the woman in the lobby. Her technique was refined by an attractive Romanian who also captured her heart. A dark and provocative read.

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