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Do you feel a certain sense of dread when your alarm clock goes off on Monday morning? Are you dragging yourself into the office and resorting to a few too many cups of coffee to get you through the day? If so – then you might be interested in our interview with business mentor Simone Milasas.

‘Mondayitis’ does not exist in Simone’s world. In fact, she says Mondays are her favourite day of the week – full of possibilities and opportunities. This vibrant and bubbly business coach now travels the world helping others find work-happiness.

At the heart of her message is the idea that ‘money follows joy’. She says people often believe it’s the other way around.

“I spoke to someone the other day and she said ‘I’ve got to take this job because I owe the bank money’ and I said to her that if she took the job based on that – chances are, it wouldn’t turn out to be very fun,” Simone said.

How often are our career decisions based on the need to earn a certain amount of money? Are we limiting our level of happiness by choosing a job because we financially ‘have to’?

Many women decide to change career paths in their 40s and Simone believes this is the perfect time to choose a day-job that you will enjoy.

“When it comes to business, people find it hard to believe that their passions and hobbies could have value. The truth is – most people can make money from what they love doing. Ask yourself ‘What is fun for me?’ and then create a business around it,” Simone said.

If you love plants – create your own gardening business.

If you enjoy writing – start a blog.

If you have a talent for decluttering – set yourself up as an organisational consultant.

According to Simone, you don’t need a degree in anything to start up your own business.

“We don’t back ourselves enough. Just because we haven’t studied it – just because we haven’t done it before, doesn’t mean that we can’t do it,” she said.

As a woman who has explored many of her own business ideas with great success – Simone uses the example of when she decided to start an import business which involved buying and selling semi-precious stones and clothing from India. She had no experience in the field. She’d never imported anything before. So how did she make it happen? She flew over there and hit the streets. She went from seller to seller – checking out their wares and finding people she wanted to work with.

Simone says that another thing that holds many people back is the belief that you need to have all your marketing material sorted before you begin your business.

“Just start! Stop talking about it. Stop finding excuses. You don’t need to have flyers and business cards and a marketing plan…you just need a great idea and to take the first step!” she said.

To find out more about the Joy of Business, head to Simone’s website here.


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