The career switch: From vet to yogi


What inspires a woman to give up a career as a veterinarian… to become a yoga instructor?

Ever since Fiona Patterson was a little girl, she had dreamt of being a vet. She studied hard, got great grades and went on to complete a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Melbourne University. But after several years of working as a vet, Fiona began to feel uneasy about her career choice. It was causing her a considerable amount of stress on a daily basis – and that was having a negative impact on her wellbeing. So she gave up her job as a vet and began studying healing modalities like yoga and tai chi.

Making the transition

Research indicates that 80 per cent of Australian workers are unhappy in their current jobs. Many report feeling trapped by their mortgage and family commitments when it comes to wanting to make a career change.

For Fiona, the transition was a gradual one. She moved from working as a full-time vet, to a role as a veterinary sales representative – during which she began mind-body training with renowned Ziran Kung Fu and Qigong practitioner – Master Liu Deming.

In the years that followed she obtained an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching, became a certified Ziran Qigong instructor and began teaching at the Zi Ran Men Kung Fu Academy in Richmond.

Fiona, who continues to work as a sales rep in the pet industry, believes her gradual transition into the holistic health field has been the key to getting her business ideas off the ground.

“I like to take calculated risks and have a business plan – this would be my advice to others. I’ve met many women who dream of ditching the corporate world for a life as a yoga teacher, but the reality is that it can be a real challenge to make ends meet. It can become more stressful than the corporate job they left!” Fiona said.

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A bright idea

With her experience as a yoga instructor, and her years of training with Master Liu, Fiona started to think about ways in which she could use her knowledge and skills to benefit the lives of others. She began developing a yoga app. After many months of trial and error – the app was successfully launched in May this year.

“I’m a big believer in balance – and that means ensuring financial viability while you build up your dreams. That’s always been my approach, and it means that I had the money to invest in developing business ideas – such as my ‘Salute the desk’ app,” she said.

For more information – head to Fiona’s website where you can watch videos about her yoga app.

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