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Our heart’s unique TASTE buds help us develop a discerning and individualised emotional palate when it comes to selecting healthy relationships.

Our common senses, sight, touch, TASTE, smell and sound are our guides to empower us to choose wisely when we take our time and pay attention to them. How another’s energy feels, how they sound, if their words ring true, and if they respect the differences within our emotional palate preferences all needs careful consideration.

Some people’s energy leaves a bad TASTE in our hearts mouth, and then others are lip smackingly delicious!

So today let’s remember to use our common senses when dealing with others? It can also be helpful when or if we encounter clashing TASTES to see personality differences with a healthy perspective. To keep our emotional balance when emotional TASTES collide there is a little tip I use myself and offer to my clients helps immensely. Some of you will recall me referring to this one in previous DWV’s. If we can just to remember to divide the people we encounter in our world into thirds.

One third of the people we meet and that meet us, will please us, their energy will compliment ours like chocolate and hazelnut work harmoniously together as flavours. Pleasing on our hearts palate we find them TASTEFUL.

A third of those whom cross our paths we’ll feel neutral about, and they’ll think we are just okay too… just plain vanilla, nothin’ new, nothin’ special. Not stimulating either way to our hearts palate, a little bland in the TASTY department.

Then there’s the final third, we will find simply DISTASTEFUL like a fat squashed fly in our scoop of rum and raisin, and they too won’t favour us and instinctively want to spit us out of their world. Emotionally UNPALATABLE. Their energy will leave a bitter and unpalatable after TASTE.

It’s just the way of the world for us all, we can fight this truth or simply make peace with it. This is the natural state of affairs no matter who we are. None of us are loved nor enjoyed and found emotionally palatable by everyone all the time. Some people just don’t like nor agree with our TASTE.  And never will.

Our hearts all have unique palate preferences. Some of our hearts are robust in TASTE like perhaps an Aniseed in flavour, others Rocky Road or Pistachio. Not all personality flavours work well together. Nobody has to be made wrong, we’re just different and sometimes simply not compatible. It is what it is.

So let’s just do our best today to remember to respect all the flavours that create emotional differences in our world, and be grateful for those who do blend beautifully with us?

I personally give thanks to Mother Nature and Father Time for educating me about my own hearts palate. Since I got clean and sober in 1995 and started detoxing from my childhood abuse I became willing to learn a great deal about acquiring new TASTES and savouring new flavours of humanity. I had a very uneducated hearts palate, very narrow and Neapolitan . I felt very disenchanted with my ability to choose complimentary TASTY partners for my HEARTS in all my relationships that would be timelessly enjoyable for all parties.

Drum roll please …. then at age 41 enter stage left …… Mr. Delicious, Hallebloodylujah !!!!

As we now head towards 11 years together, my HEART still licks it’s lips, hungry for him in every way, at the mere sight of him. For those still researching, and finding some relationships bitter or TASTELESS, please don’t give up! It’s sooooooooooo worth the time, patience and effort in learning about, refining and honouring the truth of our own hearts unique palate.

I wish you an emotionally TASTY day!

Lotsa Love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Cynthia is the bestselling Author, Blogger, Lecturer and Founder of the multi award-winning Emotional Fitness Program. Since 1995 she has helped nearly 30,000 Australians – from the leaders of commerce and industry, indigenous communities, elite athletes and teens - improve their emotional health and well-being. Her extraordinary work has been recognized with an Australian of the Year Award (Qld. Local Hero Category 2005), The Prime Ministers Award of Excellence Award, and The Pride of Australia Medal.