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Are you using the right brush for your hair type?

We spend so much money on visits to the hair salon and products to make our hair shinier, bouncier, fuller and silkier but often neglect the most fundamental tool in hair care – the right brush.

Finding the right brush and comb for your hair type is vital for healthy and damage-free hair. Ask your hair stylist what is the right type and brand for you and in the meantime here are a few quick tips for a beautiful mane:

Detangle: Tangle Teezers have become a beauty icon – twenty are sold every minute worldwide. This is the ultimate brush to detangle hair with minimal breakage or damage. Suitable for all hair types, wet or dry. Also available are a blow out and finishing brush which provides a 3-step routine for ‘salon-beautiful’ hair.

Combing Wet Hair: Most hair experts say the best way to detangle wet hair to minimise damage and breakage is by using your fingers and applying a detangling cream or serum. For those of us who like to use a comb, a wide tooth comb (or a Tangle Teezer) is the next best option. Start combing from the bottom working your way up in short strokes.

Fine to Medium Hair: A boar-bristle brush helps to stimulate the scalp and distribute oils evenly through the hair whilst brushing. Great for a soft, brushed-out texture on dry hair.

Mixed Bristle Paddle Brush: This brush is in every hair stylist’s bag and if you can afford it, the Mason Pearson brush is the holy grail of hair brushes. The nylon bristles comb through the hair easily whilst boar bristles create a soft texture leaving hair shiny and silky.  Judging by it’s appearance on the ‘best-ever beauty products’ list every year, the Mason Pearson brush is worth every single penny.

Mixed Bristle Round Brush: Easy to use for those of us who are not Vidal Sassoon, the mixed bristles glide through the hair easily and create a soft and smooth texture.

Boar Bristle: Since the 1800′s boar bristle brushes have long been used to create shiny and bouncy hair. Reported to reduce frizz, improve hair texture, stimulate the scalp and reducing the use of styling products and shampooing frequency. Recommended for fine to medium hair.

Flat Paddle Brush: Recommended for long hair and detangling thick hair.

Detangling Curly Hair: Other than the Tangle Teezer, the Ouidad Double Detangler is the curly hair’s BBF. Available at

Teasing Brush: If it’s height you’re after, for best volume ditch the teasing comb and use a multi-level boar bristle or mixed bristle brush instead.

[Image Credit:  Twiggy photographed by Richard Avedon, Paris 1968.  Hair by Ara Gallant]

Beauty Info, left to right clockwise:  Tangle Teezer $29.95,; David Jones Beauty wide tooth comb $6.95,; Rock and Ruddle small boar bristle brush $44.95, Beauty gold-tone brush $105 and gold-tone comb $50,; Ouidad Double Detangler approx $50,;  Cricket Amped Up multi-level teasing brush $5.95, Pearson Popular Pure Bristle and Nylon brush $275,;  GHD Paddle Brush,

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