Stephanie Darling. The insider’s look at the beauty industry


Beauty, fashion and style journalist Stephanie Darling brings her unique colour palette of knowledge to Balance this week and shares her best tips and tricks on beauty at any age, while giving a behind the scenes look at this fascinating industry.

Stephanie has worked in the industry for 30 years at publications such as Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar and madison and is currently the Beauty Director of Sunday Life and Daily Life. Most recently, Stephanie has boxed up her experience and knowledge to write her first book Secrets of a Beauty Queen.

Stephanie Darling – from columnist to author

“I’m so nauseatingly proud,” said Stephanie.

One of Australia’s most accomplished beauty journalists, Stephanie Darling has travelled the world interviewing celebrities, trialing new treatments and testing the hottest designer products. From landing her dream job at Vogue, to the axing of Madison and why she finally decided to get that nose job, Stephanie reveals all in this insider’s look at the beauty industry. Featuring skin care and makeup for all ages, expert beauty tips from the best in the business and Stephanie’s ultimate list of must-haves, Secrets of a Beauty Queen is a behind-the-scenes peek at the exotic – and sometimes outlandish – world of beauty and luxury magazines.

“It’s almost like two books in one, it’s a memoir. I’ve had 30 long years in the business,” said Stephanie

The chapters in Stephanie’s book are a combination of beauty know-how and memoirs from her experiences in the industry.

“It’s about two-thirds memoir and then at the end of the chapter I relate back to that period,” said Stephanie. “So when I first started at Vogue when I was 23, I talk about beauty in your 20’s.”

“It’s heavily tip driven but hopefully (the stories) people will find it funny and engaging,” said Stephanie.

Has Your Attitude towards beauty changed over the years?

“I’ve embraced (the change) in a very wholly fashion,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie talks about how her attitude has changed in regards to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

“In those days it was really rare and people didn’t really talk about it,” she said.

“Things have changed,” said Stephanie.

“Within reason, I will take on an experiment with whatever’s out there, but having been pretty well researched and edited and hopefully, not high risk,” said Stephanie.

In the next video, Stephanie talks to Deborah about cosmetic surgery and the future of anti-aging treatments to help maintain beauty.

About Stephanie Darling

Stephanie Darling is Beauty Director of Sunday Life and Daily Life, mother, YSL Tribute devotee and author of Secrets of a Beauty Queen. Stephanie has spent over 20 years working in magazines with the best of the best on Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar and madison and interviewed Anne Hathaway
in Paris, Dame Edna in New York and Aerin Lauder in Tokyo. She states she was born in a haze of Chanel No 22 and is obsessed with beauty, lifestyle, words and visuals.


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