With an equal amount of sunlight and darkness this week following the spring equinox we’re being urged by one of the country’s leading spiritual advisers to assess a lack of balance in our lives.

Rose Smith heads up Absolute Soul Secrets, the largest network of psychic readers based in the southern hemisphere and says it’s an excellent time to address the light and dark within ourselves.

“The spring equinox is all about balance, which is nature’s way of reminding us we need to ensure we take time out to acknowledge that we should be doing things in equal parts.”

“It’s a great time of year to put your life back into order.”

“If people are working too hard it’s important for them to realise the fact that their home life may be suffering as a result, so it’s about attempting to get things back on a more even keel.”

“Finding the balance within and working on the weaker areas of ourselves is an essential part of self-development and can help us achieve our dreams and goals.”

“Athletes spend more time on getting better at their weaknesses than they do working on their strengths and the same emphasis should be applied by normal people in their everyday lives.”

“Understanding and having awareness about why things happen to us is a crucial part of the process of being able to have a more balanced life.”

“The work demands on people have never been higher in terms of being available to be contacted at all hours of the day and night, so time management is essential in achieving balance.”

“Being able to block out time in your diary to spend time with your family and friends is very important for your overall wellbeing and the same goes for exercise and spiritual pursuits.”

Rose Smith says we can achieve better balance in life by dividing our time into the following areas:

  • Spiritual: Meditation and prayer allow you to slow down and focus on your own energy
  • Mental: Make sure you are switched on when you need to be and not when you are relaxing
  • Emotional: Identifying your emotions and expressing them in an appropriate manner at an appropriate time
  • Physical: Taking care of your physical being by getting the body moving regularly rather than just focusing on exercise occasionally

“Making decisions from a clear mind will also assist in the process, so taking time out for a walk or devoting time in your schedule for regular meditation will create the space you need.”

“Most people have the tendency to overdo things which is why they have difficulty in finding balance in their lives.”

“Trying to have the perfect house with the perfect furniture, the perfect car or the perfect body is one of the major traps people fall into as they attempt to keep up with the Joneses and present the ideal lifestyle for their next social media post.”

“In order for our dreams to manifest, we need to keep focused and let the natural flow of energy to run its course and work within ourselves to keep on the path towards achieving our goals.”

“The trouble is people are trying to keep up their hectic lifestyles during winter and are therefore risking their health and relationships, because they’re not working in flow with nature.”

“Nature is constantly giving us clues as to how we should be living but we’re always trying so hard to keep up this frantic pace of life that we end up sick and unhappy.”

“After a period of introspection, identifying what is important to us and then taking action by allocating time to look after ourselves will be the key to achieving the right balance.”


About Rose Smith

Rose has been running the Absolute Soul Secrets network of psychics throughout Australia and overseas for the past 17 years. Prior to that she worked as a counselor in a local women’s health centre and taught ethics and counseling at Southern Cross University. Rose recently completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Canberra.

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