Speaking Of Tricks – the best trick you can pull on Halloween

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Happy Halloween!

I’m just going to jump straight to the point.

It seems like everyone I talk to lately, has a lot on their plate and overwhelm is becoming a norm in their lives. I’ll say, I’ve been experiencing it as well.

I recently heard someone say, “When life gets challenging, and you’re questioning everything; it’s testing you to see if you really want what you think you want.”

While I understand that train of thought, I don’t agree.

This is a perfect example of ways our mind plays tricks on us.

Life, isn’t a test, ever. We’re not getting graded for our performance at the end of each day. Our thoughts and actions aren’t being constantly judged by God, the Universe, Source, whatever you’d like to call our higher being.

Entertaining this idea of being tested, is the ego’s way of trying to throw down a major victim party. It’s asking you to chug a couple of doubt cocktails, get nice and wasted and then asking you to see clearly.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Instead, when life’s a bit challenging, I like to look at it as an invitation.

To what?

An invitation to get real, honest and vulnerable.

To slow down and listen to what we need and how to go about taking care of those needs.

To be radical about self care, making it a regular, daily priority, so we can listen to our intuition more than ever. From there, lean in gently to trust, let it wrap it’s loving arms around you and allow yourself receive the support.

As you feel that trust, notice all the ways you are, truly supported by life…

See how beautifully drastic those perspectives are?

One feels challenging, hopeless and like there needs to be so much effort and proving involved in order to be happy. The invitation, is gentle, loving and full of hope. It reminds us that we always have a choice in any given moment in life, it’s all about perspective.

Here’s to the power of our choices!!!!

With only love,


Ashley Cebulka

Ashley Cebulka’s passion for life is palpable. As a Certified Lifestyle Consultant, her mission is to help you to trust your intuition and empower yourself to listen to your desires so you can live a life you truly love. She is passionate about creating a worldwide community that supports and encourages one another’s vision so we can all thrive.

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