Sonia Kruger, life in the public eye and finding balance


Sonia Kruger is a recognised and cherished face on Australian television.  With a background in dance, having taught at NIDA for four years, Sonia is also a well-regarded reporter and actress.

Having finished hosting the revival of Big Brother Australia, Sonia is currently working with David Campbell hosting Mornings on the Nine Network.

With an Arts degree and a host of famous interviews under her belt including Michael Flatley, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Beyonce and Kylie Minogue, Sonia’s natural charm and warmth set her apart.

Sonia advocates a healthy and balanced lifestyle approach and has been the ideal ambassador for Swisse Multivitamins since 2008.

Sonia sits down with Deborah to talk about her experiences with life in the public eye. When living in the public eye, there is a lot of people who will share their opinions about you. Sonia shares her experiences with her career, her personal life and going through IVF, her inspiration and how she finds balance in her life.

Sonia Kruger and Deborah Hutton


Life In The Public Eye

Sonia Kruger opens up about her thoughts on living in the public eye. She also tells Deborah about her love-hate relationship with social media.


Women In Television

Listen to Sonia’s thoughts on the increasing age of women in TV and how this is a reflection of a changing society


Reflecting On Her Journey

In this part of our interview, she shared her reflections on a showbiz career and her aspirations for the future. Sonia also shares her experiences with the hurdles of social media and her advice to those entering the industry.


Sonia’s To Do List

Sonia reflects on retirement and what she still wants to achieve within the media industry.


The Inspiration Women in Sonia’s Life

Sonia shares the inspiring women in her life. She shares how they have influenced and shaped her career. Each of these women has special qualities that they all share.


Thoughts On Family, IVF and Ageing

Sonia speaks honestly to Deb about her desires for children and her struggles with IVF and ageing.


How Sonia Finds Balance

Sonia shares with Deborah how she finds balance in her own life, and her guilty pleasures.


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