Stress – simple ways to reduce it

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Stress plays an important role in our quality-of-life. Even children talk of “being stressed”! Gentle stress reducers can help and some are so simple we dismiss their importance. Follow these suggestions and feel the difference!

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Stress is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to dominate our lives like it seems to. We know that there are the usual stress busters of restful sleep, healthy food choices, better caffeine intake, plenty of water, meditation and exercise, but there are other surprising ways that stress can be beaten.

The twenty-four hour social media cycle means that we can get a text or an email at any time of the day or night. So, limit your social media catchups to three times a day. Forget about regular scrolling of messages to see if we are missing out on something. Social media interrupts our planning; it distracts us and causes our stress hormones to dominate.

Another suggestion is to use a yoga pose, where you lie on your back on the floor with your legs elevated against a wall. This pose drives circulation to the upper part of your body and head, and relives lower back pain where many people hold their stress.

Don’t be distracted by the small tasks across the day. If that happens, you don’t have time for the big stuff and that adds stress to your life. Another simple option is to do a ‘home de-tox’ – clear out a mess that’s been annoying you for a long time. Sort your wardrobe, or pantry, or fridge!

And the most difficult thing to do is to say ‘no’ to requests from friends and family. Declining an invitation isn’t the end of our world. We can’t be everywhere, so why do we even try?


  • Is stress both good and bad?
  • Can we get caught up in stress at home?
  • What natural remedies might we try for stress?
  • Does exercise help?

Gerald Quigley

Gerald Quigley is a practising Community Pharmacist, as well as an Accredited Herbalist. These joint qualifications give Gerald a unique overview of health from a holistic perspective. The information in his blogs will not, and never should, take the place of direct consultation with a health professional.

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