Why marriage isn’t for Sharyn


Newsreader Sharyn Ghidella juggles her job with Seven News Brisbane and her Today Tonight hosting gig with a hectic family life with two young boys but couldn’t do it without the help of her partner and childhood sweetheart Paul Croll.

Paul is a freelance cameraman who also works in the media. In this video Sharyn talks about why they never got married and why their partnership seems to work so well.

“I never wanted to get married, I never wanted to have children, I was never the girl who had the dream of the big white dress and the fairytale wedding and marriage,” Sharyn says.

“I just see it as something I don’t need to do. It works as it is.”

Sharyn believes the success of their relationship reflects a sharing of priorities.

“We take time out, we do the odd dinner, we have date night occasionally but we’re also very focused on the kids and through that I think it’s strengthened our relationship.”

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