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How can I sell my products online with hardtofind?


Do you have a unique, exceptionally crafted gift idea that is hard to find? Have you got what it takes to sell products online and deliver it into the hands of a worldwide audience?

In this video, Deborah and Erica Stewart, founder and CEO of Hard to Find discuss how to sell products online with hardtofind and why the curation of products available is so important to the website’s success.

“We’re a marketplace so we connect independent artisans and designers with customers who are looking for genuinely different products,” said Erica.

“If a seller wants to sell with us they go through quite a rigorous process,” said Erica.

How do I sell products online with hardtofind?

According to Erica, some of the criteria include the range and suitability of products, visual presentation, craftsmanship/quality and production and shipping logistics.

“There’s a vetting process,” said Erica.

Customers check out and pay for their order at but the sellers send the product directly.

“It’s their product (but) our brand.”

From hardtofind:

We’ve scoured Australia – and the wider world – for unique, exceptional products from independent craftspeople and manufacturers. And we’ve brought them all together on Through our website, it’s easy to buy stunning sandals from Byron Bay; Paris-designed hot-dog rings and mugs with attitude from England – all through the one checkout and purchase process, all with the support of our dedicated customer service team if anything goes awry. Once you buy from us, the seller will send you your items directly, for that extra personal touch.

How do you stay current with technology?

As an online business, staying current with the latest developments in technology and adapting them for your business can be the difference between success and failure when engaging with customers.

Deborah asks Erica if there are challenges in knowing what and when to adopt new technologies in the goal of remaining competitive.

“I sort of learnt the hard way actually that you don’t necessarily need to apply every new technology to your business,” she said.

“In the early days, I used to get excited by all these third-party SAS platforms or people selling me the latest and greatest technology that was guaranteed to transform my business and increase conversion rate,” said Erica.

“Inevitably it didn’t,” she said

“I realised that it was good business practice to first decide what we needed, what we wanted to do and then look for the technology to support it rather than the other way round,” said Erica.

About Erica Stewart

Erica Stewart is founder and CEO of online curated marketplace

In 2008, Erica saw a gap in the market for shoppers looking to locate beautifully designed, handcrafted, unique products and drew on her skills and experiences working in lifestyle magazines to launch the online retailer.

While on maternity leave from her position as National Sales Manager with News Life Media, Erica decided to prioritise the growth of the platform and began working on the business full-time.

hardtofind has its home in Sydney’s vibing inner west and works with sellers from all around Australia and as far away as London, Lithuania and Puerto Rico.

The site brings together an expertly sourced global community of cottage industries, independent studios and hole-in-the-wall retailers with people looking for something different – and creating a much more personal maker/manufacturer-to-customer shopping experience.

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