Sandy’s tips for being a successful Airbnb host


Sandy Bruns has been an Airbnb host for over a year and has 28, 5-star reviews.

So what makes her listing so successful?

Sandy explains to Deborah in this video how she became a successful Airbnb host by identifying her “niche” and making the visiting experience unique.

Sandy’s top 5 tips:

  • Allowing guests to “feel at home” by arranging a “hands-off” key pick-up
  • Leaving very clear instructions on how everything works
  • Establishing a relationship before the stay
  • Checking in with guest via email during the stay (beginning, middle and end)
  • Anticipating your guest’s needs and spoiling them with little extras and fresh food

You can check out Sandy’s Airbnb profile by following the link below.

Airbnb’s Community Centre has a wealth of information and advice for new hosts. A survey of the community found that the most popular services provided to guests included:

Local treats can make an excellent introduction to your community

Part of the thrill of travel is discovering the distinctive flavors, scents, sights, and textures of a destination. These hosts have found that they don’t need to go far to find what will delight their guests the most.

Sometimes, practical is best

From sunscreen in Sydney, to ear plugs in Piccadilly Circus, practical amenities can make the difference between a great trip and an unexpectedly frustrating one. You save the day with first aid kits, computer adaptors, hair dryers, and more.

Guests often find unusual amenities irresistible

Unique amenities can make a guest’s stay memorable. Hosts on Airbnb have everything from heated bathroom floors, massage chairs, and friendly pets. 

Simple kindness can be an amenity, too

When you express your personality through little acts of thoughtfulness, you can make a significant impact.

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  1. Donna Gubbay

    November 15, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    Fantastic interview. I found it wonderful how Sandy spoils her guests with kids presents. We are looking to do airbnb soon, so this was most helpful.
    Thanks Deborah

    Donna x

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