Sam Woods Teams Up With Medical Media to Get Australia Moving Again


Are you returning to exercise or sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day? Online health guru Sam Wood has teamed up with Medical Media to get us moving again with some simple moves in 30 second silent clips.

The clips will be shown in GP waiting rooms around the country from this week.

With 86 percent of the population visiting their GP annually and with an average dwell time of 35+ minutes, Medical Media said the videos were designed to catch the attention of a captive audience who are open and receptive to receiving health messages.

The snackable, 30 second clips can serve as a brilliant building block for those returning to exercise or just getting started. A GP’s practice is a trusted environment and as one of Australia’s leading fitness experts, Sam strongly believes this partnership presents a great opportunity to reach a wider audience and encourage Australian’s around the country to take control of their health.

Medical Media’s Head of Marketing, Natalie Smith said, “We’re excited to collaborate with 28, there is strong synergy between the two organisations and we believe Sam’s expertise in the health & wellness space will deeply resonate with our captive audience”.

With 2,500 screens around the country and reaching an audience of over 5 million a month, we hope that by producing these educational videos, we will be able to provide many Australians with simple and effective ways to increase physical activity when seated.

This partnership is part of Sam’s ongoing work on his vision to help anyone improve their quality of life. This is something he will be discussing in greater detail in the coming weeks as Sam has been announced as a keynote speaker at the Mumbrella Health Marketing Summit in Sydney. At this event Sam will discuss his mission in greater detail as he continues to champion the benefits of physical exercise that can be done anywhere, any time.

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