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How much fun can you have on your chair at work? Is it possible to exercise while you are typing away at your computer? Melbourne Yoga Instructor Fiona Patterson has found a way of breathing life and health back into the workplace – via an inspiring new app called ‘Salute the desk’.

The app features a range of easy-to-follow stretches. It allows you to keep track of how many exercises you do for each part of your body – and even has alarms that you can set to remind yourself to stay active in the office.

Fiona says the app is all about reinvigorating workspaces so that they don’t become a place of stagnant energy and poor posture.

iPad guided relaxation

It took Fiona quite a long time to develop the app, which is now available through itunes – and she tells Deborah that it wouldn’t have got off the ground if it weren’t for the help of a team of caring and creative people.

For more information – head to Fiona’s website where you can watch videos about her yoga app.

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