The nuts and bolts of hosting and running an Airbnb property


When you host and operate an Airbnb property, you wear a lot of hats. Maintenance, concierge, cleaner, tour guide, landlord and hotel manager just to name a few. In this set of clips, Mark Hodge and Deborah talk about the nuts and bolts of running an Airbnb property starting with check in.

Mark’s Surrey Hills apartment is in a complex and so Mark or one of his trusted friends like to meet the guests to hand over the keys and walk them around the building.

This way, Mark can show the guests the available amenities including the rooftop BBQ area, swimming pool, gym and sauna.

Mark also believes it’s a great way to let the guests know that they have someone to contact if they need help.

So, you’ve taken great care to set up the property to make it as enjoyable as possible for your guests. But how do you know that the booked guests are going to treat your property with respect and care?

While there is some risk involved, Air b and b set up an online profile for guests who receive feedback on their previous Airbnb stays. Once contacted, a host has the opportunity to review their profile and start a conversation with the enquiring guest to gauge their suitability before allowing the booking.

Has Mark Hodge had any bad experiences with guests?

“No, Touch wood, but I have turned away people who I don’t think will be suitable,” said Mark.

So what prompts Mark to decline a booking?

“It can be (just) their grammar, or their language or the way they speak, and I just think if they don’t have respect for you, they’re not going to have respect for the property,” said Mark.

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While there is some risk to the physical property associated with having strangers stay in your home, Airbnb hosts also assume a financial risk.

Those relying on an Airbnb listing to supplement their income or pay the ongoing mortgage repayments need to have contingency plans in place for periods where the property remains empty due to booking fluctuations or unforeseen circumstances in the market.

Luckily for Mark, his property is booked solid until the end of January 2017 and he currently taking bookings 4/5 months in advance.

Part of Mark’s success can be attributed to his customer service and willingness to accommodate the requests of his guests – especially when they want to check in early.

Most of Mark’s bookings turn around on the same day with one party checking out and another party checking in, giving he and his cleaning team about four hours to conduct any maintenance and get the apartment ready.

Many people have been renovating and flipping homes specifically so they can start their own Air bnb business, we happen to think this is an excellent option for some people but for those of us who can’t afford another home or simply can’t rent out our existing home, there’s this. And I’m sure there are several Air bnb entrepreneurs would benefit from this course too!


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About Mark

Mark Hodge is a Sydney based model, dancer and choreographer. His work includes extensive musical theatre through to appearing on Dancing With The Stars.

What is Airbnb

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