Lisa Wilkinson’s best career advice.


Lisa Wilkinson is no stranger to success. Through this set of interviews, Deborah uncovers Lisa’s thoughts on how to have a successful career, what it means to find your passion and the impact of a handwritten note from Ita Buttrose.

When discussing the path to success and the best way to learn Deborah asks Lisa to comment on taking more academic path versus “on the job” training.

“The best way of learning is the path you feel most comfortable with because, in the end, I believe that talent will always rise to the surface,” said Lisa.

“Good people with great talent will always be noticed by a boss, and you will always rise.” said Lisa.

Reiterating her belief about being true to yourself, she states, “Always look within about what makes you happy and what gives you the greatest joy,” she said.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

For Lisa Wilkinson, this advice appeared in the form of a few simple words, scribbled on a chalkboard outside a petrol station in Perth.

In this interview with Deborah, she shares the message and explains how it has stayed with her all these years.

“Every day I get to go and do something that I love and that brings me fulfilment, and challenges me, and gets my heart pumping,” said Lisa.

“No matter what your passion is in life, if you can find it, I think it’s one of the greatest gifts you can be given,” said Lisa.

A Note From Ita

Lisa Wilkinson started her media career as the youngest editor of Dolly magazine at the age of 21. She went on to become one of Australia’s most highly successful magazine editors with more than 10 years at the helm of Cleo magazine.

When asked about women who have inspired and supported her along the way, Lisa tells Deborah a story about a handwritten note that was sent to her by Ita Buttrose.

“You could have knocked me over with a feather,” said Lisa.

Find out more about Lisa’s career and thoughts on success, love and purpose all this week on Balance.

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About Lisa

Lisa Wilkinson, co-host of the Nine Network’s TODAY Show, is one of Australia’s most admired and respected journalists and corporate presenters.

For the past two decades, she has successfully applied her journalistic talents to magazine publishing, television and radio. Her communication skills have also made her one of the country’s most sought-after corporate presenters and conference and event facilitators.

In recent years before her TODAY Show appointment, Lisa was co-host of the Seven Network’s top-rating Weekend Sunrise program where she was credited with attracting a new wave of viewers through her relaxed and informative presentation style.

Lisa’s media career got off to an astonishing start when she was appointed editor of the national women’s magazine Dolly at age 21.

Four years later, on the recommendation of the late Kerry Packer, Lisa was offered the editorship of Cleo. Over the next decade, she oversaw Cleo’s rapid circulation surge which resulted in a doubling of circulation and guiding it to the position of the No. 1 selling women’s lifestyle magazine per capita in the world. Later she became Cleo’s International Editor-in-Chief, running editions in NZ, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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