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The big screen and the Pursuit of Balance


It seems a little surreal but Balance has been up and running now for five weeks and we’ve had an amazing response!

We hit a big milestone this week, with over 1,200 Facebook likes and over 25,000 downloads of our videos.

These numbers are humbling but at the same time so empowering.

Balance has clearly resonated with many people, and this is just the beginning!

This week we received our first TV media coverage. We had a really nice piece on the Channel 9 Morning Show, catching up with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell.

We had a small avalanche of subscribers after the show, which yet again shows that Balance is indeed a national, if not international conversation that we need to have.

We are now over half way into our first eight-week Pursuit of Balance program, , and as I sit back and browse through the site, it almost surprises me the amount of really good information we’ve been able to gather in such a short time.

I really hope you find the time to journey into the website and explore the different categories.

Thanks to the work of Jean Hailes and our amazing coaches we have some incredibly valuable insights with so much more to come!

Pauline Collins

Pauline Collins

This week I lined up an interview with Tony award winner Pauline Collins who is staring in a new movie called Quartet with Maggie Smith and Billy Connelly. You’d know her from playing Shirley Valentine. I’ll be checking out the movie on the weekend…supposed to be very amusing.

Also on the subject of movies, I signed up last week for my new role hosting the brand new ‘Foxtel Movie Show’.  It’s going to be a really relaxed and comprehensive view of current movie releases and Foxtel movies.

You could say I’m just a little excited to be kicking off the show interviewing the one and only, Hugh Jackman!

Hugh is promoting his role in Les Misérables, which is being released on Boxing Day. Apart from it being a great stage show made into film and also starring Russell Crowe, I’ll have to sneak in a Balance question or two.

Hugh Jackman

So excited to be interviewing Hugh Jackman!

How does he juggle being a dad, husband and movie star along with a crazy work schedule, and still find his own sense of balance??

Ultimately I’d also love to chat to Deborra-Lee Furness about how she manages everything as well…. which reminds me, are there are any successful, amazing women you think we should interview for Balance?

Email your suggestions to social@bbdh.com.au or leave a comment here!

Till next week…stay mindful.


Deborah Hutton

Deborah Hutton is the publisher of Balance by Deborah Hutton. She is passionate about helping woman to define their own recipe for balance

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