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The power of vulnerability


How it all started…

In 2010, American research professor Brené Brown stood in front of an audience at TEDx in Houston and gave a talk about the power of vulnerability. It has become one of the most-watched talks on TED.com – with more than 15 million views. She went on to write a #1 New York Times bestseller called ‘Daring Greatly: How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead’.

What was it about her words that struck a chord with so many people? Her message is that we need to stop believing that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness and stop shutting ourselves off from revealing our true selves to those around us.

When Australian entrepreneur Lisa Messenger found herself in the foetal position in her office she knew she had two choices – to pretend to those around her that she was coping with her crazy workload or to admit that she was feeling fragile.

“After the launch of the new magazine, The Collective, I had 31-days-straight of conferences and events overseas – flying from Rome to New York. It was a hectic schedule and I was trying to work across time zones. I started feeling the need to sleep all the time. I’m generally a positive upbeat person so I knew that something was wrong,” Lisa said.

Not only did she end up sharing her fears and thoughts with her colleagues, but also decided to be honest with her audiences during speaking events.

Lisa said that her authenticity resulted in stronger bonds with those around her and also allowed her to reprioritise her life.

Below is Brené Brown’s inspiring TED talk on vulnerability.

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