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46.5 billion reasons why you should volunteer


A new study, released by the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency,  reveals that one in five Australians aged over 50 are involved in organised volunteering within their communities.

The Modern Australian Communities report is the ninth instalment of The Australian Seniors Series – an ongoing national study investigating the shifting attitudes and concerns affecting Australia’s over 50s. This study examines the role Australian’s over 50 play in their community.

The study also calculates how much this volunteer effort is worth to our economy and it’s HUGE!

1 in 2 people over 50 volunteer

 Volunteers average 8hours a week

Nationally this equals 27.5 million hours a week which equates to $46.5billion annually for the Australian Economy

But the bad new is, volunteering is on the decline.

Volunteering has so many real benefits, not only to the community but to our own balance and wellness.

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Also don’t forget to check out this video about the latest study results.



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