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Online shopping fails and how to avoid them


By Bessie Hassan

For some of us, online shopping has become part of our daily routines. The increasing ease and convenience with which we are able to make purchases is making it less appealing to venture out to the physical stores, where there are crowds, queues, crying children and never any parking spots.

But despite the comfort of online shopping, has found that 82% of Aussies have felt buyer’s remorse after making a purchase online. Much of this arises from not being able to inspect the products before buying them and also from making impulsive purchases that we later realise we don’t actually need.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid wasting money on online shopping fails:


Read product reviews online

If you are an active online shopper, then you’ve probably seen lots of product reviews and the often hilarious consequences of an online shopping fail. To avoid this, be sure to read reviews, both on the retailer’s website and on other reputable websites to ensure you’re actually getting what you pay for.

Also consider the responses given by the retailer to any complaints made online. If they promptly respond and offer a resolution, then you are likely to receive the same level of service if you have any issues with your purchase.


Take the time to find the best deals

Online stores will often offer coupons and discount codes, which allow you to score even bigger savings than those already offered. There are coupon codes for a range of goods these days, from clothing to groceries, so why not take the time to find the best deals on offer?

Signing up to your favourite online store’s newsletter is another way to receive updates on the latest deals and sales. You may even receive a one-off discount just for signing up. Talk about money for nothing!


Wait for sales like Boxing Day

Shopping during sale periods is a great way ensure you score a product for the best price. Sales like Boxing Day can offer amazing savings. Being patient with your purchases at this time of year can definitely pay off. Even if you later regret your purchases, you will feel much better about buying them for 50% off, rather than paying full price!


Shop on websites that offer free returns

To avoid being stuck with a purchase that you later realise you are unhappy with, make sure that the site you are shopping on offers free returns. Take careful note of the time period that you need to return the item within, or the amount that you must purchase to be able to access free returns. 

While the Internet facilitates joys such as online shopping, it also sometimes enjoys the last laugh. However a little initiative and research is all it takes to be able to enjoy a lifetime of online shopping successes with minimal fails.

Bessie Hassan is the money expert at, the site that compares virtually everything

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