On a dark day, it’s hard to feel grateful


By Noni Boon

When I struggle to feel grateful, I start with the little things.  I feel grateful for clean drinking water, I feel grateful for a hot cup of tea and I feel grateful to have legs that walk.

I then build from there until I have listed at least ten things I am grateful for.

I know there are always going to be people better off and worse off than me. I try to reflect on the stories I have heard where people have been struck with one tragedy after another.

I remember times I have heard about mothers losing their babies and babies losing their mothers. I scroll back to times in my own life where I have felt like I hit rock bottom.

I then recall how I climbed back up, wiped off the mud and found my strength once again.

There is always at least one thing to be grateful for. If you are experiencing a dark day and there is not much happening to inspire you, search for that one thing.

When you find it, hold it close to your heart and breathe into it until you feel better, if only by a small increment.  This small increment is your first step and as time passes, other steps will present themselves.  Nothing stays the same in this fluid world.  Everything changes and before you know it, you will feel better, happier and more grateful to be alive.

I turned 45 recently and I feel grateful to have lived one more year, especially while I witness other people knowing this year is their last…

Noni Boon is a Wellbeing Coach, international best-selling author, motivational speaker and guest writer. She thrives on working with people to achieve total holistic wellbeing and improving their lives to the point of flourishing as opposed to just “surviving”.  For more information on her online learning program ‘Share’ CLICK HERE



Noni Boon

Noni Boon is a woman who genuinely cares for people. It gives her great pleasure to be able to live her life helping others to discover their true potential. Noni is a writer, international bestselling author and motivational speaker who holds a Certificate in Holistic Counselling and Communication. She’s also an artist, mother and nature-lover. Learn how to design the life you want with Noni’s online personal development course.

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  1. MC

    April 23, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    The way I get through a dark day is to sit tight and wait till it’s over coz I know from experience that those days never last seeing as I haven’t got any problems that could possibly justifiy a dark day. I tell myself my hormones are fooling around with my head and that nothing else is going on. And a nice long walk with my beloved dog has proven time and time again to be the best medicin for my occasional dark days.

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