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Noni Boon: Your guide to total wellbeing


Noni Boon is a holistic wellbeing specialist, writer, international bestselling author, motivational speaker and graphic designer.

Noni is a woman who genuinely loves and cares for people. She feels a deep connection with her clients and is inspired by change and growth. She has had her fair share of struggles in life, forcing her to establish an inner strength that is now so entrenched that she has the ability to help others develop and grow.

Noni began her career as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer, then studied art, the theory of archetypes, chakra systems, holistic counselling and positive psychology. She thrives on helping people achieve total holistic wellbeing and designing their most magnificent life.

As a member of the International Positive Psychology Association, Noni invests her time and energy into being totally up to date with the tremendous movement of positive psychology.

Noni has designed and created a five-principle program called SHARE that encompasses movement and health, how art influences and has parallels with life, the holistic counselling model, archetypal patterns and the wellbeing theory. Working through this program brings about amazing results such as complete wellbeing of the mind, body and spirit; inner peace; enhanced joy and vitality; and an increased zest for living.

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Noni Boon

Noni Boon is a woman who genuinely cares for people. It gives her great pleasure to be able to live her life helping others to discover their true potential. Noni is a writer, international bestselling author and motivational speaker who holds a Certificate in Holistic Counselling and Communication. She’s also an artist, mother and nature-lover. Learn how to design the life you want with Noni’s online personal development course.

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