Setting up for success


By Edwina Griffin

When you are beginning any new exercise or fitness routine, you need to first think about your ultimate health and happiness goals and what kind of daily regimen and life balance you would like to achieve.

Whatever your aims, you need to make sure you set clear and measurable goals in order to see results. This will not only give you focus and direction, but also the ability to chart your progress – and celebrate your success.

Be aware that a big goal can require strong motivation and, at times, you may find this quite a challenge  especially when temptations present themselves along the way.  But if your motivation to achieve your final goal is strong enough, you should be able to resist any temptation to stray off the path.


Choosing a goal that connects with your heart also increases the magnetic force of that goal in the quantum field by 200 times. This means that the chance of your goal materialising in this reality is much higher when your heart is involved.

There are five crucial steps you need to consider to create achievable goals. Think “SMART” goal-setting:






Specific – goals need to be well-defined to keep you focused and in the right direction. To say that you want to feel healthier or lose weight is not specific enough – for example, losing one kilo or feeling slightly better is not likely to be all that you want to achieve.

Measurable  you need to have clear measures against which to chart your progress. This may mean that you have targets, such as numbers and dates, so that you can measure the degree of success you have reached. It may be that by a set date you want to lose six kilos, or you want to be able to run up your stairs without puffing, or wake up feeling refreshed without an alarm.

Attainable – set a goal that is realistic, while giving you a challenge. Setting a goal that is too easy gives no great reward when you achieve it, so try to challenge yourself and then the satisfaction will be so much greater when you succeed.

Relevant – make your goals relevant to your life so that you keep your focus in the right direction.

Time – all goals need to have a deadline as this increases the sense of urgency and keeps you motivated. It means you have a set date to measure the goal by, which means that the outcome cannot be hidden or stretched. It also gives a set date for celebrating when you achieve your goal.

Once you have chosen your goal, write it down and draw a picture of it with the date and your signature at the bottom. This makes the goal real and tangible.

You then take this picture and goal and do the goal-setting exercise for this week.

Next, set up your action plan by marking dates in your diary to establish your commitment to achieving results. This is about setting yourself up for success and allocating the time in your day necessary for your long-term health and happiness. 

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Edwina Griffin

Edwina Griffin is a women's health, fitness and wellness expert. She's the founder of Fitmum and Fitwomen - a range of programs and resources for women at all life stages. Need an exercise program that is realistic and fits around your schedule? Slim down and tone up with Edwina's 90 Day program.

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  1. Caroline

    July 31, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    Some goals/actions I’ve come up with:
    – My goal is to feel a sense of vitality, as I get up at 6 am most mornings energised from a wonderful sleep and ready to seize the day, including a workout either at gym or at home.
    – In addition my kitchen is stocked with healthy meal options.
    – To get to the gym 3 times per week, at least one of these visits being a gym class.
    – I would also like to look at rejigging my body clock so I can use my time more effectively and fit in at least 1 early morning work out a week.
    On the days I don’t go to gym I would like to do some of Edwina’s exercises at home and I would like to be using her meal plans. I will also use the meditations to help my mindset, my sleep and my overall sense of wellbeing.

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