25 Mother Daughter Bucket List Ideas


How do you show your daughter you love them, to teach them how to value themselves and the world around them?  How do you show your mum that you love her and value her?

I’m no psychologist but the idea of doing mother and daughter dates sounds like a good way to do both. So here’s my 25 Mother Daughter Bucket List ideas:

  1. Build something – birds house, cubby house,
  2. Fix something
  3. Make something – a dress
  4. Bake something
  5. Take a class together
  6. Play in the rain
  7. Visit a museum, go to the ballet, see a broadway musical
  8. Go to a sporting match together
  9. Have a city date
  10. Try something new together –  ice skating, rock climbing, kayaking
  11. Dress up
  12. Shop for a formal dress together
  13. Dance together
  14. Visit a landmark together, travel the world with her
  15. Take road trip together
  16. Get a free makeover at a department store
  17. Plant a garden together (or for those of us horticulturally challenge, buy some herbs and try to keep them alive for longer than a week 🙂
  18. Have a picnic on the grass
  19. Look at baby photos /old pictures together
  20. Share your childhood dreams and memories
  21. Do something your daughter wants to do
  22. Complete a physical challenge together (fun run
  23. Redecorate a room together
  24. Volunteer together – or find someone who needs help and do something for them together (ie bake cookies for elderly neighbour)
  25. Take lots of photos together!

What’s on your bucket list?

Megan Houston

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  1. Peter Bowen

    May 9, 2017 at 10:28 pm

    Of the 25 how many have you ticked off Megan – or is this your list till Mother’s Day 2018😉

    • Megan Houston

      Megan Houston

      May 10, 2017 at 2:43 pm

      Well the formal dress is a way off. But I’d say about 75% there.

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