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Why Mindfulness for Mums and Dads is a rich and helpful experience


Review by Allison Haworth West

The insightful Dr Diana Korevaar says in the conclusion of her book Mindfulness for Mums and Dads that she hopes her book ‘has been a rich and helpful experience’.  She can feel comfortable that she has definitely achieved this.

It is a book full of thoughtful strategies, tips, hints and guidance for parenting and life in general – grounded in science but delivered in easy to digest way.

Life in the fast moving and change filled era in which we live offers all sorts of new and old challenges – and when it comes to parenting this is especially relevant.  Starting with an interesting and scientifically based explanation of how the human mind functions, Dr Korevaar then provides mindfulness based techniques to help both mums and dads navigate the parenting journey at various ages and stages.  These are embellished with a helpful array of case studies that illustrate her suggestions and ideas.

Even with my own background in mindfulness – the book was a very useful read and gave me all sorts of insights to help with my own parenting journey.

Being aware of and observing behavior, using breath and exercise as tools, working to hardwire new patterns of behavior, focusing on the positive and teaching our kids emotional intelligence are just a few of the areas she addresses.  She points to the usefulness of mindfulness meditation and all that goes with it in the pursuit of calming down and connecting as parents – and she does this in a gentle, easy to understand and accessible way.

Let’s face it – we all want to be good parents – this book is a great read to help with that journey.


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