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Luke Hines has worked with the stars, been a star of a reality TV show and written nine cookbooks in just 15 years. His quest for healthy living and eating began in his teenage years and blossomed into a career as a personal trainer, culminating with an appearance on My Kitchen Rules in 2013 which launched his career as a celebrity chef and health advocate.

His focus is on clean living, and he will release his next book “Smart Carbs” in August this year.  Luke Hines says Smart Carbs  demystifies the different approaches to carbohydrates and helps you understand how to make carbohydrates work for you, depending on your own body, lifestyle and weight-loss goals.

In this quick interview, we ask what drives him, inspires him and what’s next…

How do you find inspiration for this new book?

This book came about from listening to my readers, seeing what they were struggling with, in both the kitchen and nutritionally. So by combining my passion for delicious food, with my knowledge and expertise in nutritional therapy, fitness, health and happiness, I’ve created Smart Carbs to encourage people to take their health into their own hands in the kitchen with real food. I could hear a lot of noise around the topic of carbohydrates, and I wanted to offer a gentle, approachable and individualized approach to how to celebrate carbs depending on your goals and lifestyle.

There is so much information out there about nutrition. How do we fact check/ separate myth from fiction?

Its a really important question, and one I hope consumers, ‘followers’ and readers all begin to ask more often, especially in the health space, There are plenty of people out there with a voice, in a position to share their take on nutrition advice. Whether its TV Chef, Medical Expert or an everyday person with anecdotal evidence, always do these two things:

1. Do what is right for you, and your bio-individuality. We are all unique, there is no one size fits all approach, so don’t feel the pressure to go along with fads. It is another reason why I wrote this book, to give people options to suit THEM.
2.. Always consult a healthy health professional you deeply trust for support, guidance and to get the go ahead for any changes in your diet or lifestyle.

What’s the primary difference about your approach?

If I had to deliver it in an elevator pitch it would go a little like this:

I create healthy real food recipes that are designed to increase your mood, balance hormones and feel great. With flavor always my priority, my aim is to keep you on track without ever feeling restricted, remembering we are all unique and there is no one-size fits all approach to health, wellness and happiness.

How is your online program going?

I am incredibly proud of my new Online Program Luke Hines 10. Having launched only 10 weeks ago to date, I have my first program members reaching the completion of there program as we speak. Its structured around delivering 10 Weeks of Meals, Mindset and Moves. All recipes are designed to reduce inflammation and balance your energy and mood, by avoiding refined and processed ingredients. You receive daily 10 minute workouts so you can sweat it out with me in real time, and I think what excites me most, is that the program has a 10 week Mindfulness and Wellbeing program delivered by Michael our in-house Happiness Psychologist. I’ve often said that you can eat the healthiest food in the world and move your body like an athlete, but unless you have your mindset on track, you won’t make the positive changes in life long term.

What’s next after this book?

Is it too early to be talking about Smart Carbs sequel? Haha! I’ve just developed a certified organic coconut oil and MCT Oil. Having just launched in Australia we are now in talks with stores in the USA to bring the range far and wide. It’s pretty surreal seeing my name on a jar in the shops! And of course, staying healthy and happy with my loved ones that keep me happy and grounded and sane.

How do you find your “balance” with hectic training and writing schedule?

About three years ago I decided to move from Sydney to a small beach town in the Northern Rivers region to give myself some much needed down time between my busy work schedule. It was the perfect decision to make sure I found peace and balance amongst the travel, and very much being ‘on’ when I am on. I really enjoy daily walks on the beach with my gorgeous Labrador Chia, and I find living close to the water really calming and therapeutic.

What are you reading /watching right now that is inspiring you?

I am really loving the recent wave of no bullshit self help books. I love anything motivational, so the whole influx of titles including the F word usually grab my attention. I have recently really loved Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris. It really gave me a kick in the entrepreneurial butt that I needed with my online program. And speaking of Tim, he has an incredible Podcast that I believe is a must listen for good vibes and motivation when things seem tough.

Keep your eye on Balance for a preview of some of the recipes from Smart Carbs when they are released on 31 July 2018


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