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Here at Balance, we talk a lot about turning your passions into a purpose and about reinventing yourself without fear.

Caroline Monet is a shining example of both!

In 14 short years, Caroline went from being your average suburban mum with a passion for natural remedies and a problem, to become the owner and manufacturer of a therapeutic skincare range with national distribution.

Caroline’s problem was debilitating eczema which became unbearable after having her first child Daisy.

“I found the simplest household tasks difficult or impossible to do. I tried many of the treatments available at the time with little or no success.,” Caroline said.

“I even resorted to putting my hands in the freezer to numb them and get some relief from the constant itching. In a word, I was ‘miserable’. Not only that (and I didn’t know this at the time) but I was also suffering a severe case of Post-natal depression which also made it difficult to cope day to day.”

Eventually, when she exhausted all other avenues, she turned to her passion for natural remedies to find an answer for her eczema and started experimenting with herbs and oils.

“Steadily over a few months my condition improved, but it was when others heard about the cream and tried it for themselves, their children and family members, that its effectiveness became apparent.”

Caroline Monet in her kitchen

Caroline Monet in her kitchen in the early days

“My hero product Caroline’s Cream was originally made in my kitchen, using a very rudimentary manufacturing process. In researching the ingredients for the cream, I looked at the symptoms of my condition, and thought, “okay, it’s itchy, dry, inflamed” then selected ingredients that had the properties that I believed would help.”

Caroline’s Cream is made from a combination of natural and plant based ingredients and used for dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis as well as sensitive and acne prone skin.

When Caroline developed the cream, she had no formal qualifications, just a passion for aromatherapy and a driving ambition to find a natural solution for her skin problems.

The resulting product has become commercial success because it works.  Through word of mouth and organic sales the demand for Caroline’s Cream has increased exponentially and the company has just launching a new national distribution and supply chain.

“When I developed my cream I didn’t intend to create a commercial product. I never set out to be a business owner let alone a manufacturer of therapeutic skincare; I simply followed the lead from an increasing demand for my hero product Caroline’s Cream.

“I registered my business name, Caroline’s Skincare in 2003 when the first pharmacy stocked my cream in October.

“Not surprisingly, there were many hurdles along the way, and I was forced onto a rapid learning curve in an industry which I was unfamiliar with. Thankfully I thrived, as I have always been a strong believer in learning something new.”

Last month Caroline’s Skincare was awarded the National Title of Runner Up in this year’s Australian Women’s Weekly/CPA Australia Women in Business Awards. (click here to find out more)

Caroline's CreamCaroline’s iconic cream is recommended in most pharmacies across Australia and offers relief for sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, nappy rash and dry or inflamed skin.

The Caroline’s Skincare range comprises Caroline’s Cream, Caroline’s Wash and Caroline’s Lip Balm. It is available online, from pharmacies and selected Priceline stores

nationally. For more information, please visit

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