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Meet the creative entrepreneur behind Uberkate jewellery


It’s always fascinating to meet people who have immersed themselves in one profession, and hear what made them then decide to change career paths. Some people are lucky enough to discover their true passion in life, and it’s always inspiring and uplifting to hear that they’ve achieved success and happiness. Today on Balance we’re talking with one of these lucky people – the founder of Uberkate jewellery, Kate Sutton.

Kate was a journalist and TV producer, working on programs like Australia’s Most Wanted, Animal Hospital, Watchdog and the first Australian Survivor. She loved her job and wasn’t looking for a career change. She had always made jewellery as a hobby, and the thought had never crossed her mind that it was possible to create a business out of it.

“I didn’t know you could run your own business. The word entrepreneur didn’t exist back then. I didn’t even know what that was. In my mind I had quite limited options, I wasn’t thinking big back then.”

One of the jewellery pieces Kate had made for herself was a series of circles, and in one she had hand-hammered her baby daughter’s name and date of birth. When Kate had to be away from her baby for work, she would make a point of wearing this special necklace. Co-workers loved it and asked her to make them the same style of personalised necklace. Once they started wearing them on air, she started receiving enquiries from members of the public about her (at the time, uncommon), stunning personalised necklaces.

In what Kate describes as ‘a cage-rattling moment’, she and her husband were both working on the same TV show when it was axed, and they were both out of a job at the same time, with a young baby.

With a growing number of enquiries and requests to create her signature Ubercircle personalised necklaces, Kate called on her friends in the media industry for their help in setting up a website. And from this first online shop eventually grew her highly successful jewellery making business.

About Kate Sutton

Kate Sutton enjoyed a successful career in television before starting her own business which grew out of her hobby of jewellery making.

With no commercial training, Kate launched her first signature piece, the highly successful Ubercircle, back in 2004.  Since then her business Uberkate has achieved incredible success, creating quality bespoke jewellery for people all over the world from her home studio in Sydney, Australia. Kate is an official ambassador and mentor for Global Sisters.

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