Marcia Hines, Reflecting motherhood, her career and finding balance.


Marcia Hines is one of the legends of Australian Music. With a career spanning decades, she was once crowned ‘The Queen Of Pop’ and is known as ‘Australia’s Queen Of Song’. With dozens of albums and classic hits, she continues to perform, mentor and serve the community through a range of charitable organisations, work for which she received an AM in the Australia Day Honours.

How being a mum changed her life

At age 16, Marcia Hines left Boston to travel to Sydney to play Mary Magdalene in the hit musical ‘Hair’, not realising she was pregnant with her first and only child Deni. In this interview, Marcia Hines talks to Deborah about the challenges of starting her career such a young age, while bringing up a young child. Marcia’s own mother, Esme, gave her the best advice when she learnt of Marcia’s pregnancy, telling her to bring her little daughter home and she would care for her – which Marcia describes as a ‘great gift’.

Managing Fame

In this interview, Deborah and Marcia Hines talk about how she handles being ‘Marcia Hines‘ and managing her fame. While she is a public figure, Marcia has learnt how to keep a low profile when she needs ‘time out’ by turning off the answering machine, staying at home and spending time with her friends.

She has also learnt to not ’embrace’ the media, only using them when she has to say or promote something. Marcia also talks about her time on Australian Idol and we find out that despite her on-stage persona, she is surprisingly shy.

Working with Russel Crowe

On her album ‘Amazing’, Marcia Hines was joined by a very special guest to perform the duet ‘Remedy’.

When putting forward the idea of a duet, Marcia’s record company mentioned artists from all around the world.

One day, while listening to the song ‘Testify’ recorded with Russell Crowe years ago, an epiphany struck her – his baritone voice was a perfect match for the song!

After getting in touch with Russell and expanding the song from three to four verses, the playful duet ‘Remedy’ was recorded.

Writing the album “Amazing”

Marcia Hines has released yet another incredible album entitled ‘Amazing’.

Marcia, Ron E. Jones and producer Tom Diesel are responsible for writing every song on the album.

She explains how cathartic the process of writing is for her and how much she enjoyed working with young musicians. Together they had a clear idea of the album they wanted to create and worked diligently to make it happen.

What comes first – the music or the lyrics?  For Marcia it’s the lyrics and the beat, but ultimately it all depends on what day it is.

Finding Balance

A key to her balance is staying fit – especially since being diagnosed as diabetic after falling and blacking out in her 30’s.  Knowing there is a history of diabetes in her family, Marcia ensures she eats the healthiest way possible. Whole foods (nothing white), a trainer and rollerblading in the slip stream of bikers are just some of the ways she keeps on top.


Reinvention is something Marcia Hines has become very good at after four decades in the music business.  The fact is she loves what she does as it nurtures her and helps keep her vibrant.  She enjoys watching what’s going on around the world and in particular, the Australian music scene.

During this chat, Marcia and Deborah also talk about the health of  the music industry in Australia and how it is producing some amazing talent.

What is her secret to longevity in such a competitive industry?  Marcia believes it is tenacity, focus, dedication and gratitude.  Most importantly it’s about believing in yourself, being surrounded by people who believe in you – and truly knowing your focus.

Importance of Mentors

Who have been mentors for Marcia Hines in her life, career and how vital were they?

Marcia talks about the importance of her mentors – especially people like her godmother, Reg Livermore and John Waters.  She thinks “anyone who comes into contact with you, and means you well is a mentor.”

In her time as a judge on Australian Idol, Marcia considered the contestants she mentored as ‘kindred spirits’ and that if her knowledge was not shared, it would go to waste.


In this interview Marcia and Deborah discuss what is behind the her long standing success.  Marcia feels that she owe it to a lot of good old fashioned hard work.  Marcia was also one of the first to bring her concerts into country areas of Australia and spent many years on the road doing what she loves – singing and performing.


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